Did you carry an LP today?

  1. Is there a thread for this?
  2. I carried my Piper Speedy yesterday... in black.
    Today was my Blueberry Sloane, HH

    Tomorrow, I am using my Dylan Acid Washed Cherry Messenger - that I love and adore, thanks to a lovely fellow TPF'r.
  3. I carried my silver Sydney clutch to the hairdresser. Great clutch, soft leather, and fits the essentials perfectly, and looks great with jeans.
  4. You both have LPs on my wishlist ! I carried my Red Samantha satchel which is like carrying a stop sign but I love it and it's now known as 'the magic bag' because I keep getting deals everywhere I go. We went out to dinner and were given tickets for 2 free dinners as we were leaving. We went to the movie and they started the wrong one for 5 minutes, so they gave us passes for 2 more movies ! Yesterday we shopped and found outrageous bargains on everything we needed. DH even holds it for me to get my checkbook out so I don't have to set it down !
  5. :faint:I want a magic bag too :faint::nuts:
  6. carrying my dylan long speedy in leaf pretty color but stiff handles.
  7. Carrying my espresso Gillian clutch today. Love the leather and am always surprised how much fits in her.
  8. BCA Dylan Tote, magenta.... for library run and other errands, very useful. Interior organization is perfect !

  9. ^^That bag is so beautiful...it's hard to describe the color. Somewhere between pink and red which doesn't sound anywhere near as great as it is. [swoon]
  10. I carried my black mini quilted speedy this week. It is compact but fits so much.
  11. i've been carrying my anthracite dylan messenger lately. it's my go to bag. fits a lot and it's handsfree. perfect for me since i'm a mom of a 3 yr old a 10 mo old baby :smile:
  12. I'm carrying the bag I rec'd last night - my Croc Shoulder bag in Cognac. Love this bag!
  13. I've also been using my anthracite dylan messenger. Love this bag!!
  14. took my Dylan Croco Viola shopping. I had to walk into the local Coach store with a friend of mine (I don't have a desire to own a Coach) and the SA snubbed my Dylan.

    However while shopping for shoes in another store, I was paying for my shoes and the SA said quietly, I love your handbag.

    How sweet was that!
  15. I'm carrying my Small Dylan Speedy in Amethyst (which by the way isn't small at all). It is a little more casual and unfinished than the bags I usually carry but it's so soft and comfy to use. Plus it matches my wallet.