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Did the rogue in Prussian Blue ever come in a Rogue 36?

Aug 18, 2013
Guess what? The Rogue 36 might be coming back. When my store manager went to their annual conference I told her to ask
Stuart to make the Rogue 36 again. I guess he was planning to bring it back anyway. Look at these new colors and exotic skins.
I want them all. :happydance::yahoo::wtf::drool:
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And they have the clochette!!!!


Feb 20, 2012
I have yet to see a 39 irl. Very curious if it would look good on me. Do you think its similar sizewize to the dreamer tote?
I'll take some comparison shots for you tomorrow. Mine should be delivered tomorrow to the store. I just purchased a Dreamer Tote 34 in Black.

All these posts recently about Rogues in general, I need to move back into one of mine!
Do it! I love my Rogues. I have way too many to count now.
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