Did someone on PF win this sky blue city?

  1. i admit it was me. :angel:
  2. Congrats!! it's beautiful
  3. Gorgeous bag! Congratulations esile! So happy for you!!!
  4. Yay Esile!!!! I kind of wanted it but kind of didn't because I just got 3 bags yesterday so thank you for saving me! The seller seemed really nice. I am sure the bag will be great.
  5. esile i am SOOO happy for u!
  6. OOOOH its so pretty! Congrats!
  7. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. Love it!!!
  9. anything to save a fellow PF member! ;)

    thanks everyone for your kind words.
    mimi and lp, thanks for your help.:flowers:

    i'm so excited. the leather looks soft and smushy. i'm still not sure about the color... it really doesn't look sky blue. mimi thought it might look teal. what do you all think?
  10. Funny, I thought the same thing. If it is teal, then you really scored. I was going back and forth with other pics I have seen of sky blue and this looks different.
  11. Btw, have you seen some other stuff she has sold??? She has the metallic rose hobo up now and just sold a birkin.
  12. Congratulations esile!!! The colour is amazing but I'm almost sure it's sky blue. Teal is a bit darker than that..
    Anyway it's gorgeous!!!!
  13. It looks darker than sky blue and lighter than teal (to me)..............
  14. congrats! i have this bag and the color is great! i also have it a sky blue twiggy which i did photograph. i will ask mimi to help me post those pix here for you now so you can see sky blue clearly. i dont think you have teal...