Did anyone return this sage MAB to bluefly? Small flaw--what to do? Need opinions!

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  1. okay, I did NOT expect to love this bag, but I DO!!!! I was expecting it to be way to huge, but I really like it!!!! And LOVE the color *BUT* there are two small dots on the front flap pocket. The bag came to $338, plus I will get another $50 deducted from my credit card company due to a special promotion. *Sigh* Will it blend in over time? Should I return it? And keep looking? This is my first RM bag and I have wanted one forever. This is probably the most I would consider paying. Do you think if I call Bluefly they will discount it further due to the flaw? HELP!!!! Thanks ladies! :smile:

  2. is it a Mini? it looks really big
  3. sorry, typo! Fixed. No it is not a mini.
  4. wouldn't hurt to ask bluefly for further discount...you might want to try using those leather cleaners/lotion on it and see if it goes away...i think there's a thread here somewhere in regards to a similar situation.
  5. I have the same problem when I ordered the Sage. But I am still deciding whether to return it. Mine came with a big scratch. But I decided to give it a second chance. I am applying the leather lotion now to see if I can get rid of the scratch. If I can, I am keeping it.
  6. ^I agree. You might want to try one of those leather care products first. Usually the marks aren't permanent.
  7. Good luck. Please keep me posted! :smile:
  8. I just got rid of some spots on a saddle color with the apple care cleaner. Also, the LMB cleaner would work great as well.
  9. What did you do exactly? I applied some Apple Care cleaner, but it seemed not to make much of a difference.
  10. Perfectlyflawed- I think you should definitely call Bluefly. i've heard they've given other pple 10% back on defected items. Its not much, but the price you got this bag for is a STEAL.

    This sage MAB with stamp is not so easy to come across and i think you got a great deal!

    Plus an additional $50 off from your CC company. Girl you better keep this bag! If you decide not to, i'll definitely give it a good home ;)
  11. PS- it looks good on you too! I love the modeling pics
  12. You look great with it. I say call, it doesnt hurt!! The worst they could say is no. Either way, I LOVE THEBAG
  13. I agree with Desi... That's a great price for that bag!
  14. Just an update-- I finally called Bluefly and they were VERY kind and agreed to credit me back $35 for the flaw. I am more than happy!
  15. damn! u got an awesome STEAL! I'm jealous!