did anyone notice this on elux...new color???

  1. [​IMG]

    its on the LV homepage....it looks a bit darker than the regular noisette (beige??)(SP?) it looks like a brown color doesnt it??? I hope so because its HOT!!!!
  2. Wow...this is a really nice color.
  3. Ooh, nice....
  4. this is what elux had to say about it....

    The newest color available in the Vernis Collection is the Pomme d'Amoure. Louis Vuitton will not be launching another new color in this line until June. Therefore, the item shown in the picture might be a cocoa color because of the lighting.
  5. that's nice..it's like bronze but darker..yummmm..can't wait to see more..
  6. Hmm...interesting!
  7. Is that the amarante? Because in the look book we noticed the color looked like a dark maroon, kind of like the color in the pic above and it was featured on a new vernis clutch.
  8. If that's amarante I'm kind of bummed. I was hoping for purple undertones :sad:
  9. So this is the Pomme?? Looks like dark brown to me :confused1:
  10. It looks like a rich chocolate brown .... YUMMY! :p
  11. i really dont know...im kinda confused. But then i didnt expect elux to have any worth while info anyway.....

    all i know is this color sure doesnt look like pomme or amarante....its a brown!

    does anybody have any info that can clear this up???
  12. I think that's the old Bronze color. For some reason some of their pictures showcase old colors..I know for sure that the baby blue is an example shown for one of the bags and it was discontinued a long while ago.
    Here's a Houston in that color:

    In different lights, it appears to be dark brown:
  13. when that vachetta patina's it will look like milk and dark chocolate...mmm..

    D..to the..E...to the.. L I C I O U S
  14. ohh! I actually saw it and thought nothing of it until you posted it! I didn't even notice! I've never seen that color! I like it!
  15. maybe you are right...but im hoping you arent because a brown vernis would really be TDF!!!!