~~** DianaBanana's Collection Thread **~~ A Work In Progress :)

  1. Thanks! Yeah I fell in LOVE with them as soon as I saw them on eBay ... They are going to be my first strass project, I am going to do all the patent and the heel in the back with Jet swarovski crystals... but I really like the patent! lol I just upated the post I believe they are called Christian Louboutin Fetilo Lace Peep-Toe Pump

    I had never seen them before either!
  2. Posted more pics in the DIY thread, but figured I'd also post a couple here. 1 shoe down, 1700 crystals later, I ran out!! Started Friday night, finished Saturday night/ Sunday morning ... My first ever strass project :yahoo: looks 100000 times better in person, love it!!!
    photo-133.jpg photo-131.jpg photo-125.jpg
  3. They look spectacular!
  4. Thanks!!!
  5. They look aaaaamaaaazing! Well done you :woohoo:

  6. :yahoo:Thanks! I love them, I just keep staring at them, haha well just the one shoe, i really thought the crystals I bought were going to cover both shoes. Didnt think I'd need like 3,400 haha :smash:
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Your collection is TDF!! Thanks for sharing:smile:
  9. Such a stunning collection...love the spikes, exotics and your DIYs are just fabulous!!
    Thanks for sharing!!
  10. Gorgeous collection!! Your DIY looks amazing!
  11. Thanks guys!!!!

    And I really appreciate the DIY comments, I am so obsessed with them!!! I think I love them even more because my hard work went into them lol which reminds me, i need to order more crystals to fnish the other shoe! I should do that now :graucho:

  12. You have exquisite taste! I enjoyed the pictures, such a gorgeous collection!! Happy Shopping!!
  13. Wow!!! :nuts: Great collection!
  14. omg you have an amazing collection, full of fun, statement shoes! I love that you're not afraid of spikes, height, or color; thanks for sharing!
  15. THank you!!

    i love love love spikes, height, and color :love:lol

    I do need some everyday wearable basics though :graucho: thinking of getting nude or black 100 piggies or simples