Diamonds or LV?

  1. Hi. I was at dinner tonight with my parents and my grandma. In the middle of the dinner she told me that she wanted to give me some money to buy "something nice". She wants to give me $3000 to spend on something, and if that something is more than that $3k price then it's fine too. So I'm thinking about whether I should buy diamonds or spend the money on LV stuff. Any suggestions ladies and gents. TIA :flowers:
  2. NICE GRANDMA :flowers:
    i think it would just depend on whether i had a nice piece of jewelry already in mind or if i was dying for a new bag (or two). let us know what you decide!
  3. half on diamonds and half on lv!
  4. A little bit on LV and the rest on some diamonds :smile:
  5. I would spend it on diamonds, they can be handed down for generations to come.
  6. Diamonds and sapphire.....Rubys and Emeralds!!!!! stuff that make you shine!!!!!!!!:love:
  7. Definitely diamonds!
  8. Get some bling bling and LV bag. Very generous grandma
  9. I've been thinking about it for the whole night. If I get diamonds then I would get a diamond ring. But if I decide to use the money on some LV, then I would get a piece of luggage, or a bag and some accessories. My dh thinks that I should give him half of my $3k and then spend the other half on something.:amuse: I told him that I'll think about it. :lol:
  10. this is a VERY good question!! my mom let me wear her diamond solitair necklace today (she told me it was $5000+) and it really got me thinking.... with the total amount of money I've spent on handbags, I could've gotten a decent 1kt. diamond solitair!!

    With that in mind, I guess I would split it between LV and diamonds =)
  11. Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend :love:
  12. i love lv but definitely diamonds you would be amazed how much the price increases every year. may i sugest get a big stud diamond earrings or ring at least minimum one carat and above bec they have more value than small ones
  13. I would suggest diamonds as well. I am a total LV lover, but diamonds are forever, so I would say go and spend the entire 3k on jewelry, it'll be worth it!
  14. my vote is for BLING BLING!!!
  15. I think maybe Diamonds, can you get a decent diamond with $3k ?? i am not very knowledgeable with i have no idea what kind of diamond u can get with $3k ?