Diamond tennis bracelets

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  1. Leave it a while :smile: ... it’s an awful lot of money so there should be no doubt in your mind as to which one you want ...
    Neither is really jumping out at you .. so you may not have found “IT’ yet :smile:
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  2. I think you need to wait until you want a specific one. You’ll know then! Have you looked at a ton of photos? There’s no rush!
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  3. Both are gorgeous...the first is classic, the second more modern. Remember "diamond shrinkage" especially for a TB. I upgraded from a 7.5 ct to 12 ct to 14 ct. I'm done and satisfied! My specs are G/VS2...very sparkly. But as you noted you may have better light saturation (sparkle) with the second one...not as much metal. A wonderful dilemma!
  4. I love the second one
  5. 5A1C6E34-068E-460F-8EA8-FEA522C3BE01.jpeg
    Oh I wish I had done more research when I got my 4 ct tennis bracelet from my dh 12 years ago!

    I recently figured out that I really prefer the ”u prong” setting. I was going to upgrade my 4 ct classic line to a 5 ct prong set, but I just ended up get another “u prong” 3 ct in yellow gold so I can easily mix metals. You see in the side by side that the 3 ct prong set looks almost same size as the 4 ct classic line.

    But, for you, Helen Dixon, I like the classic line setting. In the smaller carat weight, I think prong looks great, but that 10 ct looks right on your wrist, if it sparkles enough for you! #toughdecisions :biggrin:
  6. Tiffany Victoria Diamond Tennis Bracelet ❤️

    AC5C85A7-D78D-4A93-AB8A-68222D3E4B11.jpeg A4ADFC1C-DAF6-4E7A-AA86-5BD582693B50.jpeg CE270CEB-8330-455C-AC07-D5A00F7E7683.jpeg
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  8. Yap...it's the 3.26 ctw one ❤️
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  9. What do you all think about the Victoria Mixed Cluster bracelet? Is it too much bling to wear every day? [​IMG]
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  11. I prefer the alternating bracelet more. Even though it’s similar, the structure and look is more classic and you can wear that daily.

    The mixed cluster bracelet you show looks more formal because of the various sizes of each cluster.

    Hope that makes sense. I would get the alternating bracelet in platinum. And try on the earrings too. I like the medium size the best but that’s just me.

    Good luck!
  12. This one... the alternating one. Do you see how it is more symmetrical?

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  13. Thank you, very helpful! A bid for the rose gold version was happening yesterday, which is why I was considering the purchase. But I'm glad now I didn't bid. I do like the more symmetrical look that you pointed out.
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