Diamond tennis bracelets

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  1. I am lusting after one!

    Do any of you ladies own tennis bracelets? Do you wear them with casual outfits or only special occasions? I actually have never seen any woman wearing a tennis bracelet out and about at the mall or walking down the street during the daytime.

    Sorry! Hope this isn't a dumb question. :shame:
  2. Yes I do have one, and I seldom wear it, even though I tell myself that I really should! I've a friend in NY who wears hers daily, and it really looks gorgeous!
  3. This is my diamond bracelet. I like this style because it's casual or dressy and goes with either white metals or yellow gold. The mounting is very hefty too, unlike a lot of tennis bracelets I looked at. I especially like the underclasp style clasping mechanism and the way it fits into the design of the bracelet. I was shocked at the number of really expensive, high carat diamond bracelets that had the other type clasp. I'd be terrified of losing it!
  4. a tennis bracelet together with studs and a riviere necklace are what i consider a "basic jewellery wardrobe". you can dress them up or down and they match pretty much everything.
  5. I have one but it is set in yellow gold which I never wear so I never wear it. I would sell it but my dh gave it to me after my son was born and I feel an attachment.
  6. What a gorgeous bracelet! thanks for posting a pic!
  7. Not dumb. If I had one, I'd wear it all the time. I love them!
  8. I've always wanted a diamond tennis bracelet made of invisible-set emerald cut diamonds.........drooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I had wanted one for so long and my DH finally surprised me with one this past Christmas! I wear it everyday, only take it off to clean it and back on it goes. Mine is half bezel set which I love since there are no prongs to catch on anything.
  10. I have alot of tennis bracelets and wear one atleast all the time. If I am more dressed up, I wear a couple at a time. I like the tiny tennis bracelet that I have better than the larger ones. Get one when you have the chance!:nuts:
  11. I got one last year as a Mother's Day/Anniversary gift from DH.
    I wear it EVERYDAY ALL DAY!
    If I remember, I'll take a pic when we get home!
  12. *ties string to Amanda's finger*
  13. I'll try to remember!!!
  14. i don't have one (someday...) but my stepmom does. i think she got it for her 10th anniversary. she's pretty casual in general and has pretty much worn it every day since then. it's gorgeous and goes with everything.
  15. Thanks! I really love it. It took me a long time to find one that was perfect!

    As was mentioned above, I also love that I found one without prongs on it. Or as I call prong settings: Attack Jewelry! Don't misunderstand, I love prong set jewelry too, but with a bracelet especially, the prongs can/will grab and snag your clothes like there's no tomorrow. My ruby bracelet has a sort of Rolex roll-bar type design with prong set rubies, but the rubies sit down into the individual bars, so they don't rip up my clothes either. :smile:
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