Diamond clarity S1-S3... would you pass?

  1. I found a "circle of life" pendant made of like 32 diamonds that together make up to 100 points (1 carat) in a local shop. The color is H-1 which is ok with me BUT the clarity is I1-I3... I have been checking eBay for reference and the seller seems to be asking for a fair price but would YOU buy it? does anybody own S3 diamonds? I am scared they might be too cloudy to be considered as "nice"? Please be honest!

    PS I messed up the thread name...clarity is I1-I3... was checking Queen Mahra's thread at the same time and got confused LOL
  2. They are not very good quality diamonds but still would have some sparkle. Unless you are getting a really good deal I think you should pass.:tdown:
  3. I normally pass on any jewelry with diamonds SI2 or poorer.
  4. I usually don't buy a diamond unless it's SI2+.
  5. I would pass. This clarity stands for "included", which means you can see inclusions with your naked eye. I don't think you'd be happy with the way it looked if you bought it.
  6. I would DEFINITELY pass. That's way too poor.
  7. Diamonds are tricky - most mass market diamond necklaces etc with small diamonds like that are not top quality diamonds and I wouldn't be surprised in the least if most are I1-I3 in quality. Any necklace like that at say Kays or Zales etc will probably be the same low quality stones - but it still can look pretty. I1-I3 doesn't necassarily mean they will appear cloudy.
    Can it be returned if you don't like it?
  8. I would pass on any I quality stones. SI2 would be acceptable IF they were eye clean.
  9. Oops - just notice where u saw it in a local shop. How does it look??
    These are like .03 in size - they're very small - since you can view it in person- do they appear to be cloudy & included?? Like I said - at that small size most jewelers are not using high quality stones.
  10. thanks for your replies guys. i know you guys are yelling PASS but my heart is telling me otherwise!! thing is, i have been looking for a "circle of life" pendant for almost 2 years now and it's getting a bit desperate. it seems impossible to find one with decent clarity AND color. i have checked well-known jewelry makers and they do not seem to stock this type of pendant so i do not have other choice than this. the most "upscale" maker that sells it is heltzberg!!!

    kbell - i have seen the pendant and they do not seem THAT cloudy because they are tiny, as you said. they are mounted on white gold so they seem ok! the item is not refundable but the pendand alone without the diamonds is worth what the seller is asking for.

    i don't know girls, i think maybe i am in self denial and perhaps should settle for a smaller SI1?

    it's lateish in the uk now... i think i'll go to bed and sleep on it!!
  11. As you are NOT buying this for investment or to resell, I would buy it. You mention you have been looking for two years and this seems a fair price to you. Most diamond jewellery is not up to high standards but can still look pretty, which is what you want.

    Of course you can get this item custom made, but the price would probably be prohibitive. The main thing is the item passes your inspection with your own eyes. Being very small the diamonds are only going to give a diamond effect anyway. My other piece of advice is to ALWAYS ask for a discount. There is always room for price adjustment, and it never hurts to ask. This might help you clinch the deal.

    What I am trying to say is that you might look at it as you would costume jewellery...beautiful but not to be over anaylsed. ie if you love the design and look, go for it. You only live once!!!!
  12. i would get it if the price was right because these circle of life pendants are basically fashion jewelry, not like an engagement ring or anything. Besides, theyre only .03 pts each, you probably wont see the inclusions! If its really white to you and its sparkly in any type of lighting then i would go for it...if the price is right.
  13. If it looks good, sparkles nicely and the inclusions aren't too obvious, then go for it. I'd be hesitant however if there were obvious inclusions or cloudy looking stones!
  14. I would not go pass SI1!
  15. Bambie - how much is the jeweller asking? These are actually quite easy to find (if you know where you're looking) in the UK. As a rule of thumb if you're looking at I grade diamonds you need the colour to compensate so you need to go G upwards.

    I1 - 13 diamonds are not good and will tend to be cloudy and look grey in some lights. In electric light most I grade diamonds looks good and sparkly but take them outside and it's a different story. Why don't you take it to the window of the shop (or ask them if you can look at the pendant in natural light)? If the diamonds look nice and white and still have some sparkle then go for it. If they don't then pass. Natural light is the real test of a good diamond.

    Personally I don't go for anything under SI2 unless it's an D,E, F or G in colour but it's all personal preference!

    Hope that helps.