Desperately searching for: The HELP ME FIND Thread

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  1. #1 Nov 17, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 23, 2013
    Post the items you are seeking here.​

    Members please ALWAYS post the store/location when you're responding. We've had a major problem w/ people trying to sell via PM and SA's pretending to be members to make a sale. This is not acceptable.
    In the interest of transparency, please always post the store/location.

    I am desperately searching for an Olsen Hobo, Valentine Chain and PNY pleated pouch, how about you?
  2. I am currently all set, but would love to get one MC tote.

    I love my PNY pleated pouch. Best of luck. It's really pretty.:heart:
  3. Replace my purple lamb jumbo with medium or e/w; red lamb in either medium or e/w. One can wish upon a star . . .
  4. GREY reissue 227 for me.......I hope a miracle will appear before Christmas...
  5. I'm also searching for the olsen black hobo (large size), purple caviar med/large flap in silver HW, red caviar med/large or jumbo flap in bijoux chain and 2005 Anniversary Grey Reissue Size 226/227
  6. I'm searching for red classic flap don't care what size and what type of chain. Should be on ban, shocking!!!
  7. A lambskin red jumbo with bijoux chain most of all for me. A satin "smaller size" cabas, a diagonal cc black tote, the pearl "Paris Symbols" long necklace from the Devil Wears Prada, and a pair of boots from F/W 06 that I managed to "just miss" every way I tried to get them. :crybaby:

    BUT, I just want to congratulate you, Chanelbaby, as that Union Jack flap is STUNNING and so RARE!! What an amazing find! :yahoo:
  8. My wish is the Union Jack flap as it goes well with my nationality :graucho:
  9. Gee, wouldn't it be grand if we all get our wishes granted :smile:
  10. A RED JUMBO!!!

    It aint ever gonna happen is it??
  11. purple or red jumbo !
    would die for one !

    jmen, willing to sell urs? :P
  12. Blue fonce jumbo. :yes: I have other things on my wishlist, but they are relatively available in terms of Chanel. The blue fonce is quite a kicker to find.
  13. 228 reissue any color and 2.55 reissue navy patent in gold hardware and 2.55 vintage XL Jumbo size
  14. I am on a purse ban however, the only thing I will lt myself buy is a black Olsen hobo if I can ever find it. I wish they didn't have that stupid bag! Maybe then it would be easier/cheaper to find! Too bad Chanel doesn't have more bags like that...
  15. Red Caviar Jumbo with Bijoux Chain
    Blue Fonce Jumbo
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