designer shoes

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  1. Do they run a half size or a whole size small? I generally wear a 39 european or a 9 american so does that mean if I buy choo,louboutin,etc that I need a 40 or a 39.5? Thanks:shame:
  2. I only have one pair of Choos, they're a size 40 (US 10). I tried on the 39 and they smooshed my toes. I also have a pair of Burberry sandals that are a size 40. Going up a size might be your best bet :biggrin:
  3. Thanks!!
  4. It depends and people seem to have different responses.

    Everyone seems to agree that Jimmy Choos run half a size small when I think it's the exact opposite. Chanel also runs half a size bigger for me, as does Guiseppe Zanotti.
  5. i think it also varies by shoe style.....i tried on one pair of dior shoes a half size bigger and they were just right, another i tried in the same size and they were huge
  6. It totally varies from designer to designer,and from style to style.From what I have...

    *Jimmy Choo is said to run small;I find they run true to size.

    *Marc Jacobs very reliably runs a half size small. However,I recently tried on some ballet flats which were a half size large.

    * Gucci...half size large.

    *Prada and Miu Miu...half to full size large



    *Costume Nationale..true

    I have no Manolos or Louboutins...can't find them here.

    I'll update if I think of any more.
  7. I think it definitely varies by brand or even shoe. ^Great list!
  8. I definitely think it depends on the shoes. Everyone else has posted some pretty reliable information, but at the end of the day, it is best to try on the shoes and treat them individually. I've had to go up and down within the same brands.

    Good luck!
  9. does anyone know if Loboutin make US size 4.5?? or how does the size 5 fit? I normally wear Gucci size 4.5 and wonder if they fit the same??
  10. Louboutin makes size 34.5, but it's pretty rare. They tend to run small, though the smaller sizes seem more TTS.
  11. thx!!
  12. hey does anybody know where can i get a pair of dior girly pink shoes? i know its a while since they've been out, but are any chances of getting the real ones now? thnx/
  13. ^^ try e -bay.
  14. yeah tried that they dont have them in my size plus im not sure if they are real.
  15. Rupert Sanderson: I down size 1/2 size
    Jimmy Choo: generally 1/2 size down
    Prada: always 1/2 size down
    YSL: true to size
    MB: true to size for me, except for the one time I had to 1/2 size up!
    Chloe: true to size, but they don't fit my wider feet