Designer jeans flattering to a J-Lo butt

  1. No, I don't claim to be J-Lo (I wish, LOL!) But my shape is more similar to hers than to say the Olsen twins. I am not tiny :nogood: so what designer jeans (or non designer) do you think look flattering on my body type ? I have tried Paiges and Sevens and to me they make my butt look huge and are tighter in the thigh area ... thanks girls. :heart:
  2. I have a build similar to yours and I've always had great luck with Joe's Jeans. The Honey is specifically designed with a curvaceous figure in mind, I also really like the Muse. I couldn't be a bigger fan of Joe's - I put on a few pounds and need to slim down to get back into mine :shame:
  3. I have the same problem. I found that Diesel jeans in the Hush model have been flattering. The material is not stretchy, so it really holds you in place. I do have a few pairs of Habituals. They really work on my more "curvy" figure.
  4. Miss Sixty & Siwy are really really great for j lo-esque butts. :smile:

    And with the heart shaped siwy embroided pockets, i think ur bum will just look ultra juicy.

    nope, not a lesbian, but im sure u will fill the siwy jeans quite well. i wish i had a j.lo-esque bum to fill my siwys.
  5. I am bigger in the bottom and I just bought my second pair of Joe's. They work well with curvy shapes. Some of the others just look horrible on me. I also have some Juicys that I love that fit me well.

    I have NEVER found a pair of skinnies that didn't make me look absolutely hideous though.
  6. here here...I was size zero at age ELEVEN, KWIM??

    I'll second Joe's Jeans, HTH.
  7. I notice citizens also give a tad more room in the behind too!
  8. p.s have any of you girls tried fortune denim? I just bought a pair and it has an inner satin waist band to keep the waist up when you sit. lllove them
  9. i second joe's jeans - i have a butt as well and they look great on my figure.
  10. im not exactly "stick thin" and i find that paper denim and cloth jeans are extremely flattering to my body type...i own a couple pairs of them and whenever i wear them people think i have lost weight! (in my dreams maybe ;) haha)
  11. I vote Joe's too. Also, I know a lot of people may not be juicy fans, but for my friends that have a booty, they swear by juicy. They have enough stretch and the cut is good so that your butt looks good and not big. Good luck!
  12. Thanks EVERYONE! I am thinking Joe's and Juicy are the jeans to start with. Now, before I go in, can you tell me how they run generally? If I wear a size 30 jean in say Guess or Citizens, are Joe's and Juicy pretty comparable?
  13. it sucks to say this but it all depends. I run from 30-32 depending on the cut and the amount of stretch, or lack of stretch, they have.

    juciy tends to stretch out a bit more so for the super stretchy ones that have about 2% or more of elastic, you may want to go a size down and see how that feels.

    Yeah! good luck on the jeans search!
  14. It does depend, but Joe's run large in my opinion. I would guess that you're more likely to be a 29 or 28 depending on the cut/amount stretch.
  15. I have a pair of joes in the honey cut and mine run 1 sz small, my guess is that they run differently based on wash so make sure you try on before you buy! You may also want to look into citizens of humanity. They're made by 7fam and are more forgiving in the butt/thigh area