Dents on my Chanel

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  1. Hi guys. I’m completely distraught right now. I got this bag in October and haven’t really been able to use the bag since I was mostly using more kid friendly bags and it was packed away in the box. Opened it now and found these indentations where the chain must have been sitting for all this time.


    Is there any way this can be fixed?! It’s calfskin leather. Didn’t know it could be damaged while sitting in the box!
  2. Massage it gently with your fingers and let it sit upright. Hopefully the quilts will just puff out again. Fingers crossed! It’s a beautiful bag!
  3. I would refer to this post maybe? I'd try @DesigChanel 's way first as it's a less extreme and less scary approach to fixing this. But if it still doesn't come out then maybe do this as a last ditch?

    Also I would refer you to this thread. It's all about how to store your Chanel bags to avoid dents and mold and such.
  4. First, make sure the chains are wrapped in a soft cloth and tucked inside the bag to avoid any further dents. Have the bag stand upright and uncovered for a few days and see if the dents will puff out. This happened to one of the quilts in my Caviar Jumbo and it puffed right out after a day or two. Massaging it a little also helps like what the above poster mentioned.
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  5. I know some swear by steamers and blow dryers, but I wouldn’t go that route as the heat is difficult to control and you could possibly damage the leather if too much heat concentrated in one spot.

    I completely reversed the chains dents on my friend’s boy bag with some leather conditioner, felt, a heating pad, and time. Her boy has a solid lambskin back, no quilting or other stitching, so the thick heavy boy chain left some very large, deep indents on the bag. I looked at it and cringed thinking there would always be some damage.

    I applied leather conditioner to the damage, wrapped the area in felt, set the heating pad on low and placed it over the damaged felt-covered area. Every 30 mins or so, I removed the heating pad, massaged the warm leather with my fingers, applied more conditioner if needed, and put the heating pad back on. I let the bag rest after a couple hours. I did this for a few days and if you saw the bag in person, you couldn’t tell where the chain dented the bag. I am usually skeptical of fixes and not always happy with the result as I have perfectionist tendencies, but I was shocked at how well this worked and how the end result was so flawless. You bag doesn’t look nearly as bad, so I think it would work for you very well in a shorter period of time.
  6. ClothesFilly what leather conditioner did you use?
    I have a small dent in the front of my new lamb skin classic flap bag. When I brought it home from store it was there. I think the SA had packed it improperly. She had just simply put the bag in the dust bag, no wrapping with paper at all. She did not give me the felt either. I went back and got the felt 2 days later. initially the dent did not bother me but as it went buy I notice it more and more. I tired some heating it with heating pad and it got better a bit.

  7. I got indentations out with a hair dryer. It will come out. Don’t worry.
  8. Happened to me too! I did what the OP said I gently rubbed with clean fingers it did come out! Good luck
  9. This happened to a lambskin flap I had years ago and after a while the dents disappeared. Not sure about calfskin though.
  10. Thank you, what was your leather conditioner?
  11. Hi, How long it took for the dents to go away? also I think I have tried to massage mine a bit too hard and now that quilt is a bite flatter and more dull colored than the rest. Mine is brand new 10 days old classic flap in lamb skin. My heart broke :sad: I wish I did not rub it at all.
  12. That might come from the natural oils of your finger. Try to wipe it with the microfiber cloth from your Chanel box.
  13. thanks, I guess I have to return mine for a credit note and wait for another bag.
  14. Hello ladies, I'm new on here, I found you by searching for a solution to this very problem!! Thanks for the input. I'm not lucky enough to own Chanel, but I have a nice Kurt Geiger Kensington, which is soft, quilted leather. After storing, she developed a bit cluster of dents on the front flap. I applied a damp microfiber cloth to the area, a d warmed it gently with my hairdryer on low for a few minutes, checking under the cloth every now and then! I then massaged in some Collonil leather gel (I bought some for a Mulberry bag!) and buffed it off. I then gave the whole flap a good gentle massage with some pure lanolin - don't concentrate on too small an area, it helps keep the appearance nice and uniform. I'm now considering storing hanging up, sandwiched in between soft coats and cardigans! (Keeping well away from anything with zips or buttons, lol!) Bye x