How do you store your Chanel Handbags?

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  1. How do you store your lovely flaps to avoid the dreaded chain imprint?
    First I tuck the chain into the bag (but it’s hard to keep it from slipping out and some of it will always be hanging). I think I should wrap the exposed chain in tissue or cloth… is this what you girls do?
    Also, is it better to have the bags stored standing up or lying down?
    Ever since I saw a bag on sale on ebay that had the chain imprint, and after I found that one of my old Coach totes had the horrifying handle prints (sooo silly of me to not tuck the handles in!), I’ve been obsessed with this problem!
  2. I think most gals wrap the chains:yes:
    I would and I do wrap the chains of my Luxe Flap when storing.
  3. Great idea .....
    I'm such a weirdo ..I really like me bags looking new and am anal about using them and not letting them get scratched.
    I would be traumatized if I marked my bag storing it.
    Thanks for the tip:idea:
  4. I wrap my chain in tissue/fabric and then I put it inside the bag. If the chain doesn't slip into the bag, I wrap it verrrrry securely and place it on top of the bag. I store them standing up.

    I'm the same way about my bags... super anal!
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  5. I wrap my chain too in fabric (and put inside of the bag). Don't ever forget, you can't store in the box.
  6. I a Chanel newbie...why no box? :confused1:
    Thank you
  7. No that I do this but what happens if you store it in the box? I just keep mine wrapped & in the dust bag.
  8. I'm curious too?
  9. To box or not to box??
  10. All you have to do is pull the chain from the inside hole and put it inside the bag. Wrap the chain if you need to (especially with the lambskin), although it is not completely necessary. If you are not using it, ALWAYS keep it inside the dustbag and store it standing up. You can also keep it in the box, it never hurts :smile:
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  11. Storing inside the box is completely fine. That is how the stores and boutiques keep their inventory to keep it fresh and smooth.
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  12. This is exactly what I do. It was mentioned that one should not put it in a box which worried me....
  13. Thanks ~~ I was getting "box paranoia" too. :nuts: :nuts:
  14. I think the whole point is not letting the metal chain touches the leather, so I also wrap the chain of my east west bag with tissue paper just like the way it came in when it was new, but I don't put the chain inside the bag (just like how it was when it was new), put the bag in the dustbag and then in its box.

    For my reissue I realize it's kinda hard to wrap the metal chain (it kept slipping out), so I actually used white craft felt and made a cover for the bag so the chain would not touch the leather.
  15. I wrap the chain in tissue paper and them put it in the dust bag. I also store it in the box. Maybe I should take it out of the box and stand it up .... hmmmmmm.:confused1:
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