Dentelle threads coming

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  1. I have the Dentelle silver lace Porte Tressor wallet and the threads from the design are coming loose. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?
  2. can you please post pictures???? i have that wallet but have never used it, id like to see what is happening to it..
  3. i cant even imagine this happening! ITS A HORRIBLE THOUGHT!

  4. ^^ they wont fix it..........
  5. I'm sure they'd be able to at least assess it and see if it's a suitable candidate for repair.
  6. I tried to take pictures but the threads are so fine it doesn't show up. I have the silver lace one. I use this wallet everyday for about a year. I guess with use the threads do wear down. I am just not sure if its defective or just normal wear and tear. Does anyone else who owns the Dentelle line have this issue? I thought LV uses Lurex threads for this line therefore more durable. I am debating whether or not its worth taking it in to my local LV.:wondering
  7. I think it may just be normal wear & tear. I own a Dentelle Batignolles horizontal but I only carry it a few times a month to preserve it. The lurex isn't fragile but since it is lace, I believe the rubbing (especially on wallets, as they get handled more) may eventually wear it down.

    Having said that, I still think you should take it in. It can't hurt to find out & won't it be nice if perhaps they can do something to help you?
  8. I'm curious to know what LV tells you....I LVoed this line, but really hesitated because of the "loose threads" I heard about with the dentelles.....
  9. Well it looks like its normal wear and tear...oh well its such a nice delicate design its still looks great just don't look too closely at it. I am wondering if I trim off the loose threads well this unravel more threads?
  10. I wouldn't risk it if I were you... :hrmm:
  11. I would say it would unravel more.... take it in and see what they say its worth a try
  12. ^^^Did you take it to LV? Hold off on trimming the loose threads...maybe you can go to a fabric or craft store & show them. I know there's a product I use on my jeans to keep unsewn edges from fraying...perhaps there's something like that for the lurex lace on Dentelle.