Denim Satchel Modeling Pic (at your request) :-)

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    My coworkers were trying to steal my new baby, lol. That's why I'm running in the 2nd pic, lol.
  2. The bag is gorgeous as well as its owner!
  3. GORGEOUS BAG!! i want one.
    hmm...i see one in my future, lol!
  4. Oooh that is one beautiful bag. You look fantastic with it! Congrats and wear it well.
  5. Super fab diva... I love this satchel... so gorgeous! Love the bag w/your outfit... you go girl! :woohoo:
  6. Thanks ladies! I am soooooooooooooooooooooo in :heart:love with this bag. :yahoo:
  7. That bag is beautiful and it looks FAB on you. I love the brown leather Coach put with the denim. With the wrong leather it could just be 'eh...cute, but trendy'; that leather makes it cute and really classy. Alas, not my style... one day I'll be able to do a non-shoulder bag.
  8. Diva, you have a beautiful satchel!! And it looks great on you! Thanks for your help (and Superstar's help) on authenticating my satchel for me (I ended up returning it to the eBay Seller today). I'm determined to get the Real version of this bag eventually!
  9. Thank you and you're very welcome. I'm so sorry that it wasn't authentic but I'm glad you were able to resolve things and get your money back. Be patient, you'll get one, I'll keep my eye out for you as well.
  10. The color combo is really nice and I'm ususally a shoulder bag gal myself, but this bag was calling me. :p
  11. Awwww, thank u! :smile:
  12. You are wearing that bag, girl!
  13. congrats! looks lovely!
  14. Thank you, I tried to hold out until Saturday, but couldn't wait and transferred all my stuff to the bag this morning.
  15. That is adorable! It looks amazing on you - perfect size. Gorgeous. :love: