Denim Gucci?

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  1. Hi, I've just discovered this site about a week ago and can't get enough! Last night started reading the Gucci threads and searching NM's sale. It seems not too many of you ever mention the Gucci denim bags. I just wanted some opinions on it as I was checking out the denim abbey.
  2. Don't love it or hate it. IMO, they sort of look like "Guess" bags. I'd prefer the classic monogram or leather. :biggrin:
  3. I think it's a great bag! I found it last night at Saks online for $390.I couldn't pass it up at that price- and free shipping, too.

    I have had the best luck this month finding bags- I picked up an MJ Quilted Multi-Pocket Tote with chain strap in hazelnut for around $550 at NM Last Call. :wlae: :wlae:

    Now I'll be working my behind off this month to pay for them. :yes:
  4. can one of u girls contribute by posting pics ?
  5. That is a good deal. I ended up purchasing it at NM this morning for $511. I think it was reg. $730. When I checked later I don't think there were any left. I did not see it at Bergdorfs either. Just checked Saks as if that was the case I would cancel order at NM and get it there. At least I got the free shipping.
  6. Sure, I'll be glad to post a pic.

  7. It sounds like you got a real good deal too though. I'm not sure how to post pics here but if you go to and do a search for item 0442148905388 you'll see the bag. If for some reason an order is cancelled or returned, the bag might come back in stock, so maybe you can bookmark that page or something. My order is supposed to arrive by the 2nd. How about yours?
  8. I agree the denim gucci look like guess bags
  9. I initially loved the denim bags, and with the sale I really want to buy one... but after some thought, I'm thinking it probably won't go too well with jeans. I always have trouble pairing blue/denim bags with jeans. I'm forcing myself to pass on this bag even though I really like it...
  10. Just checked order status, should arrive by 12/6. Southernbagz, let me know how you like it. This will be my first gucci bag and I'm wondering if I should of just put in a few more $$ and gotten a different one? I was hoping to get more posts re. others opinion of denim gucci.
  11. I think it's a matter of leather vs. fabric. A lot of the members on here strongly prefer leather bags. I can understand that... for me, the price couldn't be beat and denim suits my lifestyle. I will definitely post when it arrives. If you're not 110% thrilled with the bag you can always send it back.:yes: Right?

  12. I think the bag that you purchased is a different one. I believe the one you bought is sort of a medium oval size shoulder bag with two thin straps. The one that was online at saks for $390 was the larger rectangular shopping bag. This bag is a lot bigger. The larger rectangular bag was definitely a great deal from Saks since NM was selling their at $455 in their stores.
  13. I don't know, I'm new to Gucci bags. When I checked out I couldn't belive the number of handbags they had! I'll post a pic when it arrives. Thanks!
  14. Well, my large denim abbey tote arrived from Saks today!

    I think I'm going to return it:oh:.

    It's a nice bag but just doesn't "do it" for me, unfortunately.

    I think that the large tote shape is too rectangularish and shopping baggish on my body frame-- I think a shoulder bag style with a shape that's longer rather than wider is better suited for me.

    So, back it goes on Monday!
  15. aw! so sorry to hear that... I prefer this style over the other shapes.. just don't tempt me!