Denim Carly?

  1. Is there any reason why you would not buy a Denim Carly?

    I am thinking about the large one..

    Talk me into it.... or out of it! :p
  2. I just don't like denim...if you are a big jean wearer, this would look great!
  3. GET IT! I've been lusting over this bag for weeks. I can only pray that she will be mine someday....
  4. I think for the price, leather would be a much more practical purchase. I am not a big fan of denim and like I stated in another thread, i think the denim bag thing will pass. Good luck, either way they are beautiful bags, I wish I had one !
  5. I just bought her Thursday!!!! I love love love love her!!!!!

    I wear jeans all the time! I'm a Stay At Home Mom and have on regular jeans in winter and usually denim capri pants in summer and this bag matches me and my personality so much!

    I also loved the Chocolate Carly but I was just to afraid of it getting dirty and also I have heard of jeans fading onto the lighter colored fabrics.

    I have absolutely NO REGRETS about my denim Carly!!!!
  6. I have the large Carly in Chocolate. I love how it looks, but I have to say I am growing weary of lugging it around. It is very heavy and the cotton gets dirty easily. I have only a wallet, 2 wristlets and small make-up bag and it is just plain heavy. It also slips off my shoulder. I don't mean to sound so negative. This is just my experience with my bag.
  7. I will add that I'm a bigger girl so maybe that's why I'm loving the Carly so much. It just fits me so well. If you are on the smaller side maybe a Medium?

    LLEvans has yours gotten dirty? I have read that it wipes off easily with a non scented baby wipe. The reason I'm asking is because I would love to have the Chocolate but am so leery of just because of what you said.
  8. :confused1:

    I am not sure... I guess I'll wait for the PCE to decide... :idea:
  9. I got the large denim Carly about a month ago and I love it. I don't feel you NEED to wear denim in order for it to look good. It's a great bag that so far doesn't show any signs of wear or dirt. I am extremely happy with this purchase.
  10. Are the denim carlys even at Coach?

    I think I remember these were only at dept. stores, and a PCE cannot be used there.

  11. Ut-oh :wtf:

    We'll see what happens...

    I think I may go with the Black though...

    The more I think about it... the more I want the black. Not too sure if I want leather or signature. :confused1:

  12. I purchased my large denim Carly at a Coach boutique. The regular (medium) Carly is only available at department stores. Sometimes the boutiques can order a department store bag for you. It can't hurt to ask.
  13. Thanks for clarifying, liblue!:yes:

    That's good news for dzzy!
  14. Honestely denim in just not my thing. But "if" I were to get one it would be the Carly. Its the only denim bag I find to be simi cute.:smile:
  15. I was at a boutique this weekend & asked about the medium denim Carly. The SA didn't think they made it in medium but I told her I thought they did, so she asked another SA & was told it could be ordered & sent to me or to the boutique for me.