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  1. So-I got one of THOSE calls from my SA that she had something special she wanted to show me. I went to see it today-B35 in a tri-color taupe, bambou and vert gris. Now I just had a surprise last month with a beautiful K in geranium so it's not really time for another one but will I regret passing up this beauty??
  2. Did you take a pic to post here?

    Only you will know ... bases on many other factors..

    Do you like tri-colors?
    Are you ok with the size & leather?
    If it is not the right timing, then you should wait... for next SO turn...

    Good luck.
  3. You are so lucky, my SA said she can only show me one at the time.
  4. JMO, you have to really love the tri color combo & the size 35..

    If not, I'd be inclined to wait for the "right" bag to come along..

    In the meantime just enjoy your Kelly...
  5. I did take a photo to help me think about this weekend but haven't quite worked out how to post it here?! I now realize I love the ghillies design. I certainly love bambou which is the full lining and trim and the combination of the white stitching against the bambou and taupe is really special. I do like vert Gris which is the front and back but that section is in suede and that's my big hesitation as I'm unsure how that will wear over time. I do look after my bags but still-1 drink or splash of rain and it would mark. 35 is also my favorite so size isn't an issue, this one is phw and actually ghw has my heart but phw works well on this combo. It's that thing that I do feel VERY lucky to get this unexpected offer. Pleased it's the weekend to have time to think and all your comments are very helpful do thank you!
  6. I'm a ghillie lover, too! :smile: This bag sounds very interesting, but in all honesty I wouldn't take a bag only because it's special and offered to me. If you don't really love it, you also won't use it that much - especially with the suede. Maybe just skip it and wait for the perfect one?
  7. So did I read that right.... it's a tricolor grizzly ghillies???
    That's a lot going on with one bag.
    Sure wish we could see it.
  8. You did read it right! A grizzly ghillie Birkin tricolor!
  9. I keep getting an image upload error as wish I could show you her!
  10. Thank you-my gut tells me this too. My SA has already offered to order whatever I want for the next round of orders so I can have my dream bag! (Although my geranium ghw K 35 is pretty close to a dream anyway!)
  11. perhaps the file size is too large

  12. To be very candid, the suede would make me think twice.. suede
    is really hard to keep clean & pristine looking

    Why not just enjoy your Kelly (which I have to admit is my favorite H bag)
    & perhaps wait for that "unexpected call" or place that special order &
    have your next dream bag;)
  13. The file is too large. Can u upload it through your phone? Or crop the pic and try to upload it again.....
  14. #14 Mar 25, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2016
    Very interesting!!! Well, the grizzly part would be a no for me... but it's not being offered to me. I think this is a once in a lifetime bag offer though.... that is one I've never come across (tri color) and I look at A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of pics of birkins :P Is this bag (someone else's) SO?
  15. Really great advice Hotshot-thank you! They just do such a good job at H at making us fear the chance will never come our way again!!
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