Decision question for fun! :)

  1. I am with you on that. I am considering something in rose gold from Tiffany's or bulgari. :smile:
  2. That is true. I am excited because I am going to walk madisonand 5th!
  3. Thanks for the vote! :smile:
  4. I want it all lol! But I can only choose one. It seems like tiffany and bulgari are the tops here.
  5. Very true! It is on the top of my list. I didn't even think of it that way :smile:
  6. Thank you for your vote!
  7. Ideally, I would looove to go to France and visit cartier and vca! I wish I knew how much that perlee pendant is... It might be close in price to a perlee ring... How much are those?

  8. $5950 for the rose gold diamond motif
    $6100 for the white gold diamond motif
  9. Well everything is packed. I think cartier is off the list. I am going to inquire about that new vca rose gold perlee pendant. I am going to try on the bulgari rose gold zero pendant, and I am going to check out peretti's rose gold for sure!
    Of course there are lots of other fun things I am going to do, but this will be my highlight for sure!
    I am off for my trip tomorrow in the morning! :smile:
  10. Have a fun trip! Please keep us updated on your jewelry adventures in NYC!
  11. Have fun!
  12. Thank you so much. Out of my budget for right now, but I definitely am going to try to get to vca to get a look.

    Thank you! I definitely will. :smile:

    Thank you so much, I am so looking forward to this trip!
  13. I saw the sweet trinity necklace a few months ago. Didn't try it on but it really caught my eye. I was going to Cartier to see the love necklace (interlocking ring) to go with my bangle and ring but I really liked the sweet trinity!

    Also went to bvlgari and I like the ring more than the pendant
  14. How about a Cartier love ring ?
  15. I was also considering the interlocking ring necklace. My SO thinks that's what I should get.
    I will put cartier back on my list!
    I will try on the bulgari ring as well :smile:

    Not a bad idea! I will try one on.