DEBUNKING Hermes Myths and Rumors

  1. What about that rumor of Rencontre Oceane and/or Grands Fonds being reissued?
  2. tods - not at the moment - I wrote to Paris and asked, and they said they have no intentions of re-releasing either in the near future. Bummer.
  3. i don't know where to place this...

    i noe H bags like masai, trim, plume, bolide, constance; u can still get them from H stores.

    can i order older hermes bag styles or do i have to buy from resellers?

    i'm interested in the Sac En Mallette?:hysteric: (if i can order, i want in white & braise).

    Anyone can help me?:s
  4. From what I saw on the offerings during the last few go-arounds -- 'violet' was available only in mysore in the U.S. and in limited quantities, so your friend is so lucky to have found such a beautiful piece, pbc, :smile:. But, I am sure she knows that everytime she looks at it.
    From what I saw on the leather availability list, during the last Podium ordering (this Feb.) there was only Chevre de Coromandel Souple offered in limited supply for Special Orders within the U.S. It can be difficult to discern the difference between CdC and CdC Souple from afar, but up close the Souple seems to have slightly larger grains and of course bends...
    This information is, of course, only from my limited experience and others may have differing accounts:smile: .
  5. wow, thank u sarah!! i will have to tell my friend this!! she has a 30cm potiron GH birkin and 32cm black GH kelly in CDC (both with big spines!). she was initially afraid violet was too bright and difficult to wear and really preferred the bigger spine. i even offered to buy it from her if she had changed her mind! :graucho: :graucho: oh well....good for her then!!!
  6. Sac Mallette is SO only. This is one I would fly to Paris to SO. Apparently, the logistics of carrying out a SO is much more difficult from a store outside of France and being an older style, your chances of getting one are better if you go to the source.
  7. The Karo- is it being discontinued?
  8. ^^I don't think so, Rose. The Madison store received a new shipment of those only the other month (it was where I bought mine) and they still have a selection of them from time to time at FSH, but I'll ask as soon as I can. If anyone else would like to chime in after consulting with Hermes, then by all means please do so.
  9. HG and Gina, how hard is it to place a SO in Paris? I'll be there for a couple of weeks this summer and would love to SO a 30 chevre black w/ GH.

    Re: chevre--confirming what others have said, my SA just called to say that goatskin isn't being offered in 2007. However, she said they'll still be getting togo. I think there was a recent rumor that togo was going to be scarce, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

    Of course, she said there's lots of swift, and encouraged me to consider vache liegee. I'm interested to see how VL ages and patinas. :yes:
  10. Easier than anywhere else in the world. Another SA, not my regular one, recommended I fly to Paris for SO's if I don't have any luck with the NYC store. Apparently, it is a PITA to handle SOs from around the world. A lot of phone calls have to be made back and forth between Paris and the satellite store to accomplish this.
  11. How do you place an SO via Paris if you've never shopped them before? I mean, I can't just walk into the store and say I want to SO a whatever ...

    I want to SO something ... badly
  12. Of course you don't do that at any Hermes store. But at FSH, PFers have come in for the first time and had a look around, tried on bags and talked a bit with their SAs and then if the bag they wanted wasn't on hand, they asked to place an order. Don't worry, there isn't some secret handshake or anything. ;)
  13. Ok ... in that case ... *plotting plotting plotting* I have to find a way to sneak away this year and go visit FSH when I go to France for the wedding ...

    Think they'll be willing to SO a fuchsia epsom JPG or a cyclamen epsom JPG?
  14. Regarding watches & Hermes, I note that Piaget & Vacheron Constantin go to Hermes for special issue scarves to commemorate some P or VC anniversary or other. You would not think they they would do so if Hermes has some exclusive arrangement with another watchmaker eg Jaeger.
  15. I was a real Sam Spade today, I was. Right, so, according to the Madison store, here's the skinny on some issues people have been wondering about:

    ?: Is the Karo being discontinued?

    Answer: NO.

    ?: Is Chevre de Coromandel still available for birkins (in size 35 or 30)?

    Answer: You betcha! You can order them if there aren't any on hand.

    And this last question, I put directly to Claude:

    ?: Is it true that the ostriches used to make these bags are plucked while still alive?

    Answer: NO. (Actually, his reaction was pretty much :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: ) I explained that I had read as well as heard from others that some ostrich farms pluck their birds while still living in order to reduce the pore size on the skin. Claude assured me that he was sure that Hermes does not condone this manner of cruelty to the birds whose skins are used (and if the company did, he seemed vexed - not to mention viscerally disturbed - enough by the idea to vow to do something about it himself). If it were true that such treatment did take place, Hermes would have dropped the ostrich as a leather source, just as it has phoque (seal skin) for example. (Personally, I agree, and if it had been true, there would have been numerous protests and demonstrations against Hermes for that reason by now.)

    He then took an unstretched, unworked ostrich skin off the shelf and demonstrated that even in the skins that Hermes uses, there are visible holes in the pores, but that these disappear when the skin is heat pressed -- it is this process that flattens out all the bumps and effectively seals the pores with the small flap of overlapping skin that people refer to as the "eye" of the pore.

    SO! No live birds were harmed in the making of your ostrich bag. You can all now sleep peacefully at night. :smile: