Deborah Lippman - Raves and Rants

  1. That looks great in you!
  2. Thank you!
  3. Had to try Candy Shop at some point (2 coats). All girly.
  4. I think it looks lovely on you! And FUN!!
  5. Thank you dear!
  6. My first nail pose : Pop Life after a few days' of wearing! Pardon my ugly cuticles.
  7. is having a 20% off promo so DL's come out to $12.80 and free shipping over $25! I'm justifying the 3 I just bought for passing on Chanel's Beige;)
  8. That is a great deal and a perfectly reasonable exchange. :smile:
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  10. My smiley turned out wonky!^LOL
  11. I purchased my first DL polishes last month! Forget You, Across the Universe and Purple Rain (a GWP).
    PR was so streaky but it didn't chip at all, even with the extra housework I did last week.
    FY is so pretty, the 3D glitter effect is what got me hooked on DL.

    I'm not sure if I should try some of the solid colours from DL .. Billionaire looks really cool.
  12. Bad Girl Gone Bad
  13. This is one of the colors I just ordered!!! LOVE:biggrin:
  14. So I just got my clearanced Footloose duo as well as I Know What Boys Like. Very happy. But the HSN booklet about programming and upcoming promos had one for Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Huntsman. Different beauty items and it looked like a special DL. Anyone have anymore info on this? It looked like a dark burgundy maybe?
  15. I saw it on the other day. It looks like it's just 2 older polishes as a set - Dark Side of the Moon is the burgundy and Prelude to a Kiss.