Deals on Longchamp Le Pliage?

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  1. Does Longchamp boutique in NYC have the le pillage in big size on sale?
  2. Any new deals? I'm hoping to find a purple or magenta large le pilage. Thanks!!
  3. At Bloomingdales if you sign up to become a loyalist you can get $25 off $100 or more! Also if you sign up for e-mail alerts you can get an extra 10% off!
  4. Thank you! I already own a Bloomingdales card so I wonder if this still applies to me.
  5. Hmm not sure, I do not have a store card but just signed up for the loyalist program online today. I think you may have to sign up in addition to having a store card?

    Anyways, I just bought a medium shoulder le pliage for $90! :yahoo:
  6. Enjoy your new bag!
  7. Hi - I was just checking their site and I don't see any reference to the $25 off $100 or more - was this a one-time thing?
  8. Hi yes it was, sorry I should have stated that. It was a deal they had going on for about a week. I know their friends & family 20% off ends today (code: FRIENDS12), so that combined with 10% off for signing up will give you a nice little 30% discount :graucho:
  9. 20% off at bagshop, with code "bagshop"
    One week only.

    There's not a huge selection, but they have the large khaki pliage on sale for $129 -> $103 after discount
  10. Just saw a small tan one at Sam's Club for (if I remember correctly) 94.
  11. Thanks juicyjuice I did see that but I wasn't sure what khaki looks like compared to say slate or black or brown...
  12. Just a question. Ordered the large black one from bloomie's for 10% off + additional 20% off during the f&f sale. So I got it for $104 original price $145, is that a good deal?
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