DE Cabas Rosebery or Marylebone? Pls HELP!

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Cabas Rosebery Or Marylebone GM

  1. Cabas Rosebery

  2. Marylebone GM

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  1. Hi Friends,

    I'll be shopping on impulse due to the price increase coming up. Please help me decided which bag looks better.

    Thanks in advance for your feed back.

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  2. first one
  3. Both look great on you. But I voted for the cabas rosebery since there are more options for how you can carry it. Love the baby bump :smile:
  4. +1
  5. I like the Marylebone on you! I love mine as it's lightweight and just an easy every day type bag. The straps don't bother me and the strap drop for me is perfect. Both bags are lovely, can't go wrong with LV! Have fun deciding!
  6. do you use it as a mommy bag? that's my plan
  7. thanks for the feed back.
  8. thank you.
    we have another month togo.
  9. thanks for the reply. this is will be a hard one.
  10. Cabas looks great on you, very elegant. it seems that it will be comfortable to wear and the straps on the second one are so thin I am afraid there may be issues with cracking like on DE Neverfull.
    Both are very nice bags, good luck!
  11. Rosebery...I had it but decided it wasn't for'd be a great mommy bag though!

  12. My SA told me that the cabas rosebery was being discontinued... In case you eventually wanted to get both.
  13. Rosebery
  14. second one! looks better IMO....
  15. I like the Marylebone better. The first one looks a bit too formal and like a work bag. The second looks like it can do smart, dressy and casual. Also I like that you can change the shape. Both look comfortable.