DE Cabas Rosebery or Marylebone? Pls HELP!

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Cabas Rosebery Or Marylebone GM

  1. Cabas Rosebery

  2. Marylebone GM

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  1. Rosebery ~ I have even seen it worn cross-body, so you have three carry options.
    Very handy with a new bub :biggrin:
  2. Cabas Rosebery !
    I never paid attention to it before an SA brought it out for me to try and it's a great purse !
    As others mentioned there are many ways to carry it (you can put the handles inside for example) and the lock is classy.
    I use it as a mommy's bag, no problem to reach for things inside.

    Marylebone is very nice too but less versatile IMHO
  3. i have the rosebery and i love it! i carry her most of the time but i am not sure if it's roomy enough for newborn essentials? my son is two now, i can fit everything in it for a toddler. never seen the marylebone in person so i can't compare these two. but to me, the marylebone looks roomier.
  4. I think the mary looks better

  5. No as my kids are older now but I can see the Marylebone serving you well as a mommy bag. I wish it had a zipper but my things seem pretty secure with the zippered pocket.
  6. did you make up your mind? so curious
  7. Both are beautiful but I like the Marylebone best, so pretty on you.
  8. Second one!!! I like the shape better.
  9. I love the Mary, because you can shape the bag into multiple looks depending on if you snap/unsnap the top and fold the sides in :smile: good luck!!
  10. I voted for marylebone :smile:
  11. not yet.
    The DH prefers the Mary over the Cabas. I'm still torn.
    I'll probably try them on one more time.
    Maybe next week i'll stop by my boutique.
    I will do a reveal when I bring her home for sure.
  12. BIG HUGS & and THANKS to you all for the feed back!!!!

    Happy Valentines!