Date code/serial number....

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  1. LV bags made in the early 80's and prior didn't have date codes.
  2. look real good along side the edges of the inside where the seam is. they are really hard to find.
  3. Thats the funnies remark I've read here! FYI, lets all have a LV party!

  4. I agree. I prefer products that are made in france especially for a $560 wallet. LV is a french brand. But if it's not then I'm okay with that as well.

    Thanks for info on the date codes. I now know that my Speedy is made December 2005. :biggrin: What do letters mean? Do any of you know?
  5. Thanks so much! It was tucked in so discreetly I didn't even notice it! It says FL0045. So i guess produced in April 05.
  6. I think I read in one of the other threads that it stands for the factory where the bag was made...
  7. ^^^ Thanks CAte!
  8. No problem! If your bag was made in the US, then the SD would stand for the San Dimas factory. Here's a list of their other ones:

    "LV has a production unit in the Paris area, (Asnieres), 3 units in Southeast France (Sarras-Saint-Donat), 4 units in central France (Issoudun-Saint-Pourcainsur-Sioule), one in Barbera del Valles, Spain, one unit in San Dimas, California, one international logistics and information processing center in Cergy, and one warehouse in Saint-Ouen l'Amoumone."

    (Also, the credit should go to Ayla -- she is the one I learned this information from.)
  9. So questions to ayla and cate, does it mean that differnt bags or even bags with the same model can have exactly the same date code if they were made from the same factory, same month and same year? And then which factory does AR stand for?:blink:

    Many thanks in advance to you two.:smile:

  10. Where can I find the date code in an epi speedy?
  11. KK - I think it's possible that different bags can have the same date code if they were produced from the same factory...Unfortunately, I can't refer to my own collection since it's still pretty small as I'm fairly new to the world of LV. :shame:
    However, I wouldn't put too much importance on the codes. I've heard that it doesn't really matter much in terms of authentication -- it has more to do when a bag is made....
    Also, sorry, but I have no idea what the AR is for. Maybe it's some sort of abbreviation of the Asnieres factory??

    Janos - I don't have an epi speedy, just a regular one. If there is an inner pocket, try lifting it up. The date code should be on the side of the bag where there is that metal thingy...
  12. Thanks, Cate! Mine was "born" in March 2005. The tag was actually in the pocket farthest from the metal key ring attachment.
  13. Thanks for the info cate. You're such a sweetie. Do you know where I can find the date code on the french wallet? Thanks!
  14. Hmm...Good question. I would go with Serendipity's suggestion and look for it inside one of the seams. Good luck! (And it's a beautiful wallet!)
  15. It's located inside on the bottom seam of the second pocket underneath the CC slots. Very hard to pull apart to see, I had to take out all my cards to get a good look. I hope this makes sense.:biggrin: