Date code/serial number....

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  1. ...on a Mono Speedy 30 - where is it? Is there more than one, and where should I look for them?

    Sorry - having a wave of paranoia about my baby Louis (:love: ), so I'm looking for reassurance.

    Thanks guys!
  2. It is under the little pocket on the leather thingie where the handles are attached.
  3. And that's definitely the only one?
  4. Yes,
    that is it. I purchased mine from an LV boutique. Its there. Are you able to find yours?
  5. Yeah, the first day I got it actually. I was just having paranoid delusions for a moment. :shame:

    It says SP0016. Does that look right?

    I bought mine from LV too, but it was a phone order. I don't know why I'm being so jumpy about it.
  6. If you purchased from LV over the phone you have NADA to worry about. Its real. Take a deep breath, AHH thats better :smile:
  7. Your speedy was born January 2006. :smile:
  8. ^^ Don't say that! Now I'll have to throw it a party!

  9. :lol:

    Now you'll have to invite us all ! ;)
  10. Remember though. You can't base the authenticity of a Vuitton bag solely on the date code. There are many good fakes out there with valid date codes, so just beware. :smile:
  11. ^^ Okay, but if I bought it from LV (albeit over the phone) then I should be okay, right?

    Why am I so paranoid?:huh:
  12. So I've got the date code from the seller now, what do I do with it? (sounds like a stupid question, huh? but I never bought LV from ebay, always from the boutique itself so never bother with it)
    Does AR0916 make any sense?

  13. Thank you! YOu learn something new everyday.

    Off the topic, I just bought a French wallet and so dissapointed that it is was Made in the USA. Come on, it's a $550 wallet!!! Maybe it's because I bought it from LV Neiman Marcus?
  14. KK,
    Yes the datecode seems right but the purse is quite old...10 years! Are you getting a good deal on it?
  15. Can someone teach me how to read the date code ???:weird: Please!!!:shame: