Darn Mailman ...

  1. I just found out that my toki tees from thegiantpeach.com came today!! However, I am a little angry at the mailman.

    Our mailman usually shows up at around 11:30. Today he didn't come until 2:00 and it was a new guy. My mom said she heard the mail drop but the doorbell didn't ring so she figured there was no package for me today. She went to get the mail and she caught the mailman trying to leave one of those "we rang but you weren't home" slips in the door!!! :cursing: lazy-ass mailman didn't even ring the bell!!

    Thank goodness my mom decided to go check the door or else I'd have to go to the post office to pick up my tees.

    Okay I just had to let that out.

    Oh and I got the "I love LA/pink hair hottie" tee and the new Mozzarella tee :biggrin:
  2. boo lazy mailman! but congrats on your new shirts :biggrin:
  3. i have soo been there! i had to go to the PO to pick up my spiaggia BV & l'amore denaro even though i was waiting ALL afternoon for that darn mailman to ring my doorbell.

    i think they are just getting lazier.. this guy often delivers late too. my old mailman who we had for a really long time always delivered things by 3 or 4 at the latest and always rang the doorbell. this new guy delivers our mail around 5 at the earliest! :cursing:
  4. thanks vmasterz :biggrin: I feel like I've graduated from buying expensive bags to now buying expensive tees ... lol ...gosh I never thought I'd pay so much for a t-shirt :lol:

    kkiimm - yah doesn't it stink? It doesn't take much energy to lift a finger and ring a bell :sad:

    I hope my regular mailman is just on vacation or something and not gone permanently. I'm afraid for other stuff I'm expecting to arrive this week like my inferno bambinone and my SS package .. eek!! I have to have my mom play stakeout now
  5. Oooh what a poopy mailman. I don't trust the mailwoman I have here with my toki... I live in an apartment, and I'd hate to see her leave the package leaning up against the outside door where ANYONE could take it! :cry: So I have to have them delivered to my mummy's work~
  6. my bf got a new phone the otherday and we had the same problem! we waited at home all day so we didn't miss it, then called ups at 7pm and the guy said he had made an attepted delivery at 6, while we were sitting outside our building! he totally lied and we had to go pick it up! AND my bf paid $40 for 2 day shipping. we got a refund for it after lots of complaining tho
  7. i love your sig, TokidokiAngel! that is my philosophy when it comes to tokidoki.. i have very good restraint, unless an item is below retail & with awesome placement. :p
  8. Tokidokiangel - I think a lot of the mailmen are universally lazy. Ours does that all the time. One time my husband actually chased his truck down the street when the mailman left a notice without even coming to the door. After the confrontation, the mailman started ringing the doorbell again for a while, but now he's back to leaving notices without ringing the doorbell.
  9. what's the point of them just leaving notices without ringing the doorbell? i once had a mailman who left a notice saying they stopped by at 10, when they really showed up at 1! :tdown: i usually have better luck with ups... though i probably jinxed myself after saying that! :hrmm:
  10. maybe they don't like the face-to-face interaction.. otherwise they'd work the counter. lol, the people at the counter at my PO are like zombies..

    anyway, we liked our old guy so much we used to give him cookies around christmas. (store-bought w/ a card)
  11. My mailman is like that, in fact sometimes he doesn't even carry the package even if it is in the weight limit. They must have the same name "Lazy."
  12. i feel your paint! my mailman does that too... i hate him >_>; i was waiting for a ring to come in and i basically sat downstairs all morning waiting and then when i was getting mad i went outside for a bit and saw the slip on the door... gRr... then i had to drive to the postoffice and pick it up >:[

    UPS is hilarious. they ring the doorbell and run like the wind. by the time i open the door they are already in their car.
  13. lol... that makes me think of those kids that pull those pranks and stuff :lol:

    Our mail people are weird. We get two deliveries sometimes at our apt. We'll go out and there'll be a note in the door when we come back when it's before 12 pm... but our mail mail doesn't come until 3-5 pm... so we always miss packages depending on who takes them unless someone is just plain lying about delivery times and yeah they never knock... we'll be home all day and go outside to check and they'll be a note left for us :cursing:
  14. Glad your Mom caught the mailman before he got away! My doorbell is broken, so that happens to me sometimes too and it SUCKS!
  15. oh wow ... everyone has their mailman horror stories ... it's so unfortunate we have to deal with that. My UPS guy rings our doorbell like a million times and then he bangs on the door screaming "UPS!!!" and then bangs some more ... hahaha. I wish the mailman did that ..

    oh here is my Mozzarella tee (sorry for the blurriness of the pics ... it's time for me to get a new camera!!!):



    and the sleeve has this nifty tag with a blue haired girl!!!