Dark Silver 226 or Light Silver 227?


Which one?

  1. Dark Silver 226

  2. Light Silver 227

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  1. Which one would you buy? I like bling- I wear lots of dark clothing and I don't mind my bag being 'loud'- but I like dark silver too! I'm having a hard time~~please vote.
  2. dark silver 226 for sure! the 227 is a bit much in a color like light silver -- the color is great but i think i could only handle it in smaller doses -- it's perfect in the 225.
  3. I have this dilemma as well-- but only with a dark silver 225 vs. light silver 226. Ahhh decisions, decisions. As for your question I would definitely opt for the dark silver 226. The 227 is a bit large for the light silver!
  4. Thanks ladies! Does this light silver color- hurt your eyes when you see it? Is it totally noticilbe from 1000 yards? haha~ does it blind you when it's sunny out? I'm intrigued.
  5. Ohhh, I love both colors!! :heart: I have a dark silver 226 and a light silver 225. :smile: Haha, the light silver is blingy for sure, but I think the distressed leather makes it more fab and less "omg it's a bird, it's a plane, no wait, it's the light silver reissue ahhhhh, run!!" :p

    I agree with evychew about the light silver possibly being a bit overwhelming in larger sizes (227/228) and IMO, the 226 dark silver can transition easily from day/night because of its size, whereas the light silver 227 to me is more of fab blinged out day bag. :smile: So, I'd vote to get the dark silver 226! :heart:
  6. I opt for dark silver 226. It's still bling bling yet still subtle
  7. I say dark silver... its very classy! what about 227 size if you can find one?
  8. ahh- AA- I wish- that'd cost me an arm and a kidney. :upsidedown:
  9. I chose the dark silver, I like that shade of silver better.
  10. Dark Silver 226:tup:
  11. really? but 227 is not that much difference in RRP right? assuming you can still get it from stores? or over on scary old EXXX?
  12. I'm in the minority when I say get the light silver! I think it's just a beautiful shade of silver, very light and fresh and stunning :smile:
  13. IDK? I'm thinking of just waiting for the 227's to come out for the spring line.

    Some people have told me they will be out end of next month and some have said in March--- I'm so confused.
  14. I say DS in 226...the light silver is a gorgeous shade of silver too, but it's a bit too much in the 227 size...too blingy IMO...
  15. Thank you for sending me this picture BB- thought I'd share-


    226 reissue with a Balenciaga City with GH (it's so weird b/c I have this bag!)