Daregirl-or anyone-who makes your pink bag?

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  1. I'm a definite newbie and I've been skulking this site a bit, but I just love the pink bag you have by your name!! Who makes it and what is it called??? Up to this point I've never been willing to pay more than $20 for a bag. But a few days on Ebay and a few Banana Republic handbag purchases have turned me around and now I'm HOOKED. I know I'm naiive and I've avoided asking because I didn't want to appear "uneducated" -but I guess I just am. So, can someone pleeeeeease tell me? Thanks.:love:
  2. The eternally beloved Gerard Darel Charlotte Drape.
  3. Thanks so much - but where does one buy one of these? I've searched everywhere - and I just can't stop thinking about it - HELP!
  4. I think I read Bergdorff's will be carrying Gerard Darel bags.
  5. what's so awesome about the GD bags? i don't get it.
  6. I don't know...just a great bag!
  7. Soft leather, great colours, good craftmanship, simple yet elegant design, practical, versatile, very reasonable price (Euro230, US$375), hmmm what else, I guess if it's good enough for Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg), it's good enough for us? ;op

    You know handbag is just like anything else, very personal...
  8. ditto...I could not have said it bette! ;)
  9. It's the "charlotte 24" from gerard darel :love: :love: :love:
  10. Amanda its special vibes that the bag exudes when you look at it. It gets you hooked.......just kidding :biggrin: . I don't know what is "special" about it either but I like the Charlotte.
  11. Being hard to get doesn't hurt either. All I know is I want one. Actually I want more than one.:lol:
  12. In case people are still looking for a GD and haven't looked at the other threads on the subject. Bergdorf Goodman now carries the purses. I ordered one earlier this week. The SA told me she had the knit bag, black, and brown. She wasn't sure if they'd get other colors.... And I'm assuming it's the Charlotte/Drape--the leather ones were going for $395, which seems to be the right price range.
  13. You guys are the best! I don't have a Bergdorf Goodman in my state (I'm in Utah) but at least now I can start a real hunt. Any more tips I'd Love! Thanks again!
  14. If you're comfortable buying it over the phone like I did, you can call BG in NY. They'll send it out to you for $12.75 for shipping. You'd pay no tax. But returning it would be more of a hassle.... My local NM will take it back, but I've been told that's a store-by-store decision.

    Another option is to call the distributor, Isabella Co--the number is in one of the GD threads. They can let you know if anyone in Utah carries the bag...
  15. the speacil thing is that it has a nice shape, it is slouchy but even if it is not too full it has always a great shape.
    the leather is better than any louis vuitton or fendi, and it costs only 250 euros.
    and i don't see many people carrying it.