Daregirl-or anyone-who makes your pink bag?

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  1. Divina, you live in Europe right? I was wondering, is this bag still popular there?

    And Darelgirl, I love the pink bag in your avatar too. Its texture looks candy-like to me for some reason :P
  2. Thanks spiralsnowman:love: I love this colour too!!!

    I live in Europe too but I have to say that here in germany gerard darel isn't popular at all! The GD company has no stores over here:sad:
    It's kind of strange since the charlotte 24 is so popular everywhere else...here in berlin they've never heard of it!:blink:
  3. yes i do live in europe.
    thepag is popular in france and i read an article about this bag in an italian newspaper and it said that the charlotteis oneof the most wanted bags.
    in italy it is not seen around, but that makes me more happy!!
    i don't want to carry bags that everyone has!
  4. You are right! I want ti have something "unique"!! And since no one has this bag here in berlin it is actually unique :biggrin:
  5. I know, I'm a brat! I really just want that pink one (Maaaaybe the torquoise?) I'm going to try calling Bergdorf Goodman tomorrow and see if they could perform some kind of miracle for me. I'm crossing my fingers, but if they laugh at me, I will just keep searching. I can be very persistant, he he!
  6. I hope you'll find what you want!