Dare I paint my walls pink?

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  1. Hubby and the kids are out shopping and I am clearing out the living room boxes. We bought a house up in NJ ( due to a family illness) and the decorating is horrible. Wallpaper with gold background-UGH. Our townhouse in Florida is decorated in a pretty Key West style. Hardwood floors, deep pastel paints and white plantation shutters. Kind of that crisp pottery barn feel. So I went our and bought some paint last week. I pinted my hallway a pretty light mint green with white trim and now I want to start the living room and dining room. So I have a medium pink pastel paint that I want to do the the living room. I am trying to get that Rachel Ashwell shabby chic look, I bought her floral curtains from target and have her comforter for my white iron daybed (which will be in there until I order a white couch and 2 white chairs from IKEA). The white furniture from IKEA has slipcovers which I want so much. I thought of putting lots of pastel print pillows in the room and have all white tables and a white wall unit.
    What I wish to ask "would your husband/sig. other flip if you did something like this"? My husband has always let me decorate any way I wanted and I had pink Laura Ahsley in all my master bedrooms (we moved alot).
    What was the best or worse decorating thing you ever did?
    I'll let you know later how the room turns out. My husband should be happy he does not have to paint, I find it very relazing to paint and transform a room.:love:
  2. :biggrin: Sorry for the typos I made in my post. I should end it by saying I find it very RELAXING to paint a room.
  3. Ohhhh! Have fun! Do you ever watch HGTV? I love those transformation shows, like the house flip ones or redecorating over the weekend. It is so fulfilling to transform a room into the vision you have in your head!
  4. Your Florida house sounds purrty.:smile:

    Worst decorating thing I ever did: Deciding to paint my bedroom walls "Bon-Bon Pink" when I was 7:P . Sometime in April, it's being painted a color called "Sea Life" by Behr, with black, white, and hot pink accents (like the molding, pillows, bedspread, etc) and we're tearing up the carpet in jopes of discovering the nice wood that's supposed to be under there.

    My parents made a LOT of nightmarish decisions when they decorated our house 20-something years ago. The living room and dining room had some sort of Spanish theme involving red velvet and very dark wood, the living room got one wall covered in dark brown cork, and worst of all, they put dark brown paneling in the bathroom:blink:

    Also, the house came with one wall in the living room and one wall in the dining room covered entirely in these huge floor-to-ceiling mirrors. I suppose it sort of makes the rooms look bigger (which I think is what the previous owner was going for), but it made it impossible to sneak up on someone as a joke or do something bad without mom being able to look into the mirror and see what was going on:P
  5. Our home office is pink.
    A very light pink, and it is soothing and cheery, makes the room look bright. My husband was outraged when I brought home the paint chip, but he really likes it. It's almost a neutral.

    A darker, brighter pink is possibly not such a good idea, since the color is going to be punchier on the wall. I always like green on walls, especially for that Shabby Chic look. A pale, kind of honeydew green is nice. I love painting too! It's so fun and therapeutic.
  6. I think I would love your room! My husband, however, would not. Hope yours is more tolerant. My favorite room ever was often referred to as "Pepto Bismal Pink" and my friends still talk about it fondly a quarter century later.

    As a Realtor and Accredited Staging Professional™, I'd advise you to repaint your walls a neutral color just prior to putting it on the market whenever you plan on moving. So make sure your furnishings and patterns will go well with a future neutral color. Feel free to message me for suggestions on specific neutral paint colors. I keep a Benjamin Moore paint chip fan deck handy for consultations.
  7. my bedroom is a sherbet pink - I just got a black wrought iron canopy bed and zebra striped antique chair - I will post pics when Im done decorating! :smile:

    pink rooms rock. My entire downstairs is chocolate brown with silver and taupe and light blue accents.
  8. I LOOOVVVVVEEEEE colour! Before we moved here I had every room in the house painted different shades of blue. My favourite was the navy in the den, which everybody said don't do, but it ended up being everybody's favourite room.:P And when we sold, it went it record time and set a new high for the neighbourhood! In this house, the dining room is red, I'm painting the living room a soft teal, and our bedroom has an aubergine feature wall accented with a beatutiful dusty rose, which makes the rich reds and aubergines in the curtains pop. I love rich colours and fabrics and with the load of antiques I've picked up at auctions, I really love how I feel in my house, and I like to think everybody else feels that way too. But geez, it's hard work and definitely not for the faint of heart!:lol:
    And just so coco-nut doesn't have a cardiac, I don't live in the US! But I do agree with the white suggestion. In Calgary, we called it "Shell white," because of all the families that worked for Shell that were always moving!
  9. AccessoryObsessory, I love color too! And actually, I'm actually opposed to all white walls for houses that are on the market. There are dozens of great neutrals from green to gold to grey. They help give houses a warm feeling, and still allow buyers to imagine their belongings in the rooms.
  10. I painted one wall and LOVE it:love: . The color is perfect. I am going to paint the floor trim high gloss white later tonight and then move my 3 wall units with 2 doors on each one against this wall. The top doors are recessed and I am going to put a pretty Laura Ashley pink wallpaper in the doors. It will add just a hint of color. I know the floral Rachel Ashwell curtains (cream with green and pink flowers)and her comforter(in green rose floral print)will match perfect in the look I want. I want to do 36 in plantation shutters on the windows with the curtains over them but left open. I have 4 windows in the room. Have the white tables which I may paint and stencil. I feel it is all coming together. You have to understand that I love the shabby chic look and the pottery barn uncluttered style. This house has enough gold background wallpaper that makes me go UGH each time I walk in to a room. The kitchen has gold background wallpaper with grapes but the cabinets are white country. Not to mention the gold wallpaper columns with accents of colored foil and marble wallpaper in the living room and dining room. I started taking that down today. My husband almost flipped but he will like the end result. His office has brown baby poop colored walls so I wonder if he will let me paint them??? It's been hard adjusting to something that I hate so much. I miss having my house just the way I want but I guess I will have fun putting it all together. Strange but up here people are all in to colors-bold colors are big. I have not seen many cream/white houses. I have had past houses done white on white and I found I wanted a change and now love the medium pastel colors. I can't wait to move on. I am doing my bedroom in lilac and need to think about my bathroom. I just want it to feel pretty and smile when I am home.
    Sounds like everyone likes to decorate. It's fun to hear what others do. I love HGTV decorating shows. :biggrin:
  11. Gillianna
    What part of NJ I am in NJ too. Southern NJ.

  12. Post a picture when you have time! I love looking at other peoples decorating styles!
  13. Sounds like a great color :biggrin:
  14. I love pink! So I'm glad you like it! Your house sounds great and I really like your plan. I would love to see pictures when you're done with the room :smile:

    My room is crazy colorful. On 2 facing walls I have a chair rail. I painted it bright green above and below there are different sized and colored stripes (2 shades of blue, 2 shades of pink, 2 shades of purple, white, and a lighter bright green). On the main wall I did a lighter bright green with different sized polka dots with the same colors as the stripes. Across from that is just the lighter green. The trim for my whole room is a medium-dark purple and my closet is a very light purple.
  15. I love your brave color choices, AccessoryObsessory! I've painted our walls using deep colours too, and I love it! (Our livingroom is bordeaux, the bedroom is a deep sapphire blue, and there are other colours in other areas as well.)

    I would say go for it, gillianna! Colour can completely change a room for the better! IF you decide you don't like it, you can always paint over it--that's the beauty of paint!!!