Dare I paint my walls pink?

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  1. Giilianna, I'm glad you are happy with the colour and don't get me wrong, I love the look you are going for. I wish I had a house for each way I'd love to decorate, but not that I had to sell a house each time I want to do it! It sounds like you are getting to be quite a pro. I used to watch HGTV in Canada too and I think it really inspires people to find their own style. The European/British decorating shows were really interesting when we moved to the Netherlands, because it was really different and you got a completely different perspective. I think alot of people in colder climates tend to go for brighter colours because the light is so different and when you are inside for so long you want to be cheered up. I mean, look at Ikea's colours!:lol:
    coco-nut, you sound like my kind of realtor! People need to learn that neutral doesn't have to be dull.
    And snowwhite, a girl after my own heart. But if I'm not mistaken, another Canuck, eh? I lived in Edmonton for 10 years, where are you?
  2. I have really, really pink walls... but I'm happy with my decision to paint my room pink :biggrin:

    I'd do whatever seems to be the most fitting.

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  3. Yes, I am from Edmonton! I wonder what it is that makes us Albertans so bold with colour?!?