Dangerously drifting .... drifting .... into unchartered H territory ....

  1. I dare say unabashedly that I love croc. (sorry to the reptile-phobics in the forum) And when I am asked, I would always declare my weakness in shiny croc. :love: And preferably porosus too. :heart::heart: Very steadfast, and hardly negotiable. And just when I thought I was so darn surefooted, a picture of a stunning Birkin in matte niloticus (in the reference section by the way) has left me sleepless nights. :drool: Now I want a matte croc Birkin too! That birkin has changed me!

    I am not greedy. Just one. I can already imagine how much use I would get out of it ....
  2. The more the merrier for you!
  3. mrssparkles, I can relate! I love matte croc ( prefer it!!) and niloticus is fabulous.
  4. I've never, never, never, never, EVER liked croc for totally personal and neurotic reasons, but when I went to the boutique to fondle a barenia Birkin, they broke out the matte croc Lindy (like gina b's).

    It was LOVE at first sight. Matte croc ANYTHING is beyond a fantasy for me, but I'm going to fantasize anyway.

    If you can get your hands on a matte croc Birkin...Just WOW!!! That is the MOST amazing skin.
  5. S

    Like you I used to drool over shiny croc. However, I had the chance to see a few matt crocs in Tokyo (mainly at resellers) and play with them a bit. I feel that a matt croc bag is 'quiet luxury". It's not as "obvious" as shiny croc but no less luxurious. The hand feel is better, more supple and less stiff, it feels like calf leather luxe. In a size 30cm or 25cm, a matt croc birkin straddles casual and formal with ease. If I ever get a croc birkin, I'll probably do a matt croc
  6. I think this is IT, archangel. I so have to eat my words :push:about matte croc. I can't say that all matte croc appeal to me. I know that matte barenia croc is a hot favourite here but I didn't like it to bring it home. I am not so sure ... but I think I like matte croc in dark colours ..... :idea:
  7. I was particularly fond of a 25cm Blue saphir matt small scale nilo croc... It was totally droolsome - the color so rich and intense in matt croc...but never loud. Saw a matt barenia croc 30cm but it did not make my heart pitter patter like the blue croc
  8. i hear you my dear ! i am sure everyone knows by now how i love croc and particularly shiny BUT i have to say matte croc has its appeal too. it is kind of casual luxe laid back still fabulous but not ott style and i agree dark colors look fabulous in it(not a huge fan of matte in bright crayon colors but that is personal) . also on nilo it can get an kind of wild look due to the broader pattern and the more prominent fringes on each scale (think black matte croc ruthenium hrdw totally edgy rock chic).
  9. 'Fess up! What do u have up your sleeves?
  10. ^ Yes, we want to know!
  11. OMG...a croc Lindy...:drool: ***thud***
  12. Yup!!! :smile:
  13. MrsS, my all time HOLY GRAIL bag is a matte Nilo (I prefer Nilo in matte) havane Birkin....so I know EXACTLY what you mean!!!!!! Unfortunately, for me it'll remain just a dream.....unless I win the Lottery.....which is most unlikely.....:crybaby:
  14. MrsS - I would like to know how you would use it so much. I've hesitated over croc birkins because I think they would end up on the floor most of the time, and I couldn't stand that at that price point. I would find them too much to hold at a cocktail party, and they are too big for a luncheon or dinner table with friends. Do tell!!
  15. Is this the beginning of a sneaky reveal thread? :graucho: