Damier..in different colors?

  1. My SA told me that the Damier collection is coming out in different colors like blue...I know that it is out in Azur but..it this true? And if so, does anyone know in what colors? My SA wont spill the beans on it....:shrugs:
  2. oooo i would love blue
  3. :nuts: If Damier ever came out in pink (especially pink and white!!) I'd definitely go crazy!!!! :wlae:
  4. I think I would like the damier in black/grey, but that's about it.
  5. how about a whole damier pastel line???
    light green/white
    baby blue/white

    Am I just getting TOO girlie?!?
  6. I think that would be terrific and their sales would sky rocket for sure.
  7. wait....this doesnt really belong on thsi thread...more like the "make your LV" thread, I just got excited with Karmans Pink n White idea
  8. really? different colours!?!?!? I'd like to have one in MULTI coloured squares....then again...I guess the current Monogram Multicolore line wouldn't like that very much....lol
  9. Oooohhh that would be interesting....I'd love a whole collection of different speedys!
  10. How about...baby pink, baby blue and white??? THAT WOULD BE THE CUTEST BAG! Oh man...I'm getting excited here
  11. Me too!:yes::girlsigh:
  12. Ok ladies don't hate me but I did some googling just to get an idea, you know how the fakers are, they come up with anything, I actually saw some pink and white damier fiasco long time ago it was probably ebay.
  13. oooh.. i'm going to go and dream about a baby blue one...
  14. My eyes! My eyes!! Blech!! I think I'd hate them even if they were real!
  15. could your SA just be refering to Damier Azur? anyway, i've been praying for a navy blue & silver Damier for years. hopefully they would start to move away from the browns and do colour! :yes: