Damier Azur Speedy: Am I S-O-L?

  1. Has anyone seen one in their local LV? Please pm me if ya have! :heart: :winkiss: :heart:
  2. I did see one at South Coast a couple of weeks ago...the front display is currently Azur products but haven't seen the speedy. Have you tried calling around 1866 Vuitton?
  3. I think that the boutiques have been out of stock for awhile...

    my Azur Speedy 30 was the floor display, and after buying it I noticed a burn or glue mark on the leather trim on the inside pocket. I pointed it out a week or so after purchasing it to my SA, who is the store manager. She told me to just hang onto it and use it, and that she would call me when she got a new one in for me to exchange it.

    This was like in November or December and they still haven't contacted me. I inquired about it in the boutique last night and they said they don't have any Speedys :sad:
  4. Per the 1866 line all the boutiques will be restocked within the next month
  5. Gosh I hope so. How come they can never give me that info when I call them?:cursing: Thanks for your help!
  6. Unfortunately production has been really slow on the azur speedies, if you do not have your name on a wait list you probably won't be getting one for awhile. None are available in the USA. I suggest calling your local LV stores and getting your name put on a few lists. This way the 1st store to get to your name will call you. I've had my name on a list for over a month & a half and the boutiques still haven't gotten any in the past month. However the azur saleya's are starting to trickle into the stores.

  7. I was contemplating that but every store I call wants my cc#. Can you imagine if I get 4 or 5 bags at the same time?:push: I do have my name down as of today at my local LV. Waiting is just:yucky:
  8. ^^ That's weird as none of mine ask for my cc# until the actual item arrives in store.
  9. My SA said the same thing.
  10. i want one too
  11. Guess what???:nuts: My beautiful Damier Azur is on its way!!!:yahoo: I'll post pics as soon as I get her!!!!:yahoo: Never say never girls!!!!:party: WoooooooHoooooooo!!!!!!!!
  12. That is funny, wonder why I had to at my LV in SCP today. Dosent matter anymore though, Im cancelling that order:yahoo: By the way, different LV boutiques and SAs have different methods and stipulations. You'll get 10 different stories from 10 different people if you check around I found that out on my own today from much, much searching.:p
  13. Congrats!! Can't wait to see the pics..
  14. I got my azur speedy 30 around mid-Nov:rolleyes:. I went into the store and asked for the speedy, the SA told me they were all sold out, and didn't know when they would get more in. I put my name down on the waitlist, and on my way home that afternoon, i got a call from the SA that they just got a few in. I guess i was lucky :p, hehe!! And yesterday i went to check out new bags, and got the last Azur pochette left:heart:.
  15. I loooove hearing happy endings!!!:nuts: