damier azur noe...

  1. I saw one from the mall(I think its a fake:graucho: ....).. I even took some photo... :push:
    fakee.jpg fakeeee.jpg
  2. I can't see from the fuzzy pics which thankfully you have. Why did it look fake??:confused1:
  3. ^
    Doesen't even look like a noé?
  4. too bad it's a fake.
  5. Def. can not tell by that pic. Why do you think it is fake? Personally, unless it is a blatent fake I try and give people the benefit of doubt :shrugs: .
  6. I only used my camphone:push: .. so its not that clear... It looks odd irl, it has alot of LOUIs vuitton paris print on it..(on the damier pattern..);)
  7. if theres ANY doubt about a bag, chances are its not real!
  8. Ok, revision....I just saw your location....changes everything....what mall? Green Belt?
  9. no, its from the gateway mall... ;) .. are you a filipino??:nuts:
  10. Okay! Too many LV Paris print on the checkers would definitely make it a fake! :yucky:
  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fake! Run!

    Well, at least she was not staring at you with a wierd grin! A girl did that to me once and of course, I pretended not to see her! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. No, but I love the Philippines :smile:
  14. i saw a range of fake azur bags in sungai wang (malaysia) the other day. I walked past the shop and the azur caught my eye, so i went and checked it out to compare. The colors wernt right at all, it didnt have the little beige coloured dot things that are on the real one at all. Compared it to my pochette, and it was way off, from the shape to the canvas.
  15. is that fake?? I haven't seen any Azur in the mall at all..I can't believe it's everywhere in Asia..