Daimer is Amazing...

  1. I got my Berkley in ebene and it is soooo gorgeous...was a monogram girl and now I love Daimer....finally branching out...daimer is so subtle and classy...should have discovered it sooner...cheers to daimer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I now cannot wait for the hampstead in azur...that will be such a nice bag!
  2. please posts pics.
  3. pics....pics..:yahoo:
  4. yay congrats! please post pics when you can!
  5. that's what i like to hear. i just ordered my 1st damier piece, so i love hearing how great it is. congrats on your new damier!
  6. I am a Mono gal but lately the Damier has been growing on me. I really like the Trevi. It may possibly be my first Damier purchase. I also love the Watercolor Speedy and I really can't get both this year so what to do....!
  7. pics pics....... isn't Damier great?!?!
  8. Yes yes please post pics!!!
  9. Get the watercolor, i love damier but the watercolor is very stunning
  10. Damier is such a versatile bag. I like it better than Mono.
  11. Tomorrow I will do a group pic with all my LV's....it has been a while since I have updated my LV family photo...I am sure Ms. Berkley will steal the show...I should model Ms. Berkley too...it was the best choice for me...I love love the shape and style....the trevi would have been too plain and more similar in shape to my neocabby...my berkley is like a super high end souped up speedy with a bit of bling...btw I love my speedy 30 but, this bag definitely has all the attributes plus so much more luxury....the structure gives it a formal elegant feel...I am thrilled with my decision and it was a tough one...thanks for everyone input....daimer is amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!!
  12. Congrats, my friend is considering it for too long time, please post pics so I can persuade her to get it :p
  13. congrats! I really like damier too!
  14. Congrats, LOVE damier too!
  15. cant wait to see photos,

    as per the watercolor... well thats just a painting that you can use in real life!