Cute new flats!

  1. These were in the Nordstrom's catalog and in the boutique today as well. I want!




    The brown ones are a brown on brown signature with a bit of sparkle. They would look sooooo cute with my new dress I am wearing to an anniversary party next week!

    Coach Official Site - JILLY TRAVEL BALLET FLATS

  2. I want those but I have not seen them at the boutique yet!!!! grr.. lol
  3. They are super cute!
  4. I saw them at my boutique. I liked them but they seemed really stiff to me so I changed my mind but I still think they are totally cute!
  5. I got the navy ones but had to send them back (financial crisis). They are super cute and super comfy! I hope I get some for Christmas.
  6. I saw the khaki signature version at Macy's the other day and these will be mine after Christmas!!! I also like the brown on brown, but I didn't see those IRL.
  7. I think those are so cute!!! But I've never had a ballet flat in that style (that crinkle up) are they comfortable??
  8. I think the brown on brown is exclusive to the department stores because that color isn't available on Its the same color as the studded gallery tote for the holidays and I really like it. I haven't tried them on yet either but I think they are so cute!
  9. I want a pair too.
  10. Yeah I really want those and I'm traveling Friday! MM
  11. Oh I saw those at one of the Coach stores in my area.
  12. I want some coach sneaks! but are they comfy? Ive seen some mens ones I reaaaaally like, but I have to hunt for em, if anything I'm going for the black sig chuck taylor looking ones with the ocelot print on the inside!
  13. :drool:

    Dang. Have to start saving up again. :p
    Reminds me of the Burberry travel flats...SO cute!!!
  14. Coach sneakers are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable...I HATE wearing sneaks, but I fell in love with the Coach ones and they're so soft. The only thing I have to say is that they are a bit try them on in the store and walk around. But your feet don't hurt AT ALL at the end of the day.

    Good luck finding them!
  15. I saw them in NYC and thought I'd get a pair before I got there...but upon seeing them they didn't look as cute to me..or seem as though they'd be as comfy as I wanted!