Current Goyard PRICES Worldwide - INFO ONLY

US - Bergdorf Goodman (January 2022)
Alpin Mini Backpack
Colors - $3,670
Black - $3,060

Note: I think Bergdorf Goodman prices are slightly lower in the US than the actual retail boutiques. I believe @azngirl180 got the black mini backpack for $3,165 recently from the San Francisco boutique.

Also, this seems to indicate that the Alpin Mini Backpack had a price decrease! I was quoted $3,955 for colors from Bergdorf in 04/2021 and $4,230 for colors from the boutique in 09/2021.
US - Bergdorf Goodman (February 2022)
Cap-Vert PM Bag
Colors - $2,230
Black - $1,785

Looks like the price for the Cap-Vert PM is the same for both Bergdorf and the US retail boutiques. Perhaps certain pieces are lower at Bergdorf for whatever reason.