Current Goyard PRICES Worldwide - INFO ONLY

Saint Louis PM bag black/tan at NYC Goyard store: $1350, $30 ground shipping (FedEx) for distance sales, no sales tax for me in Boston.
Just a note as well that they said they would send me the tracking info but they haven't and it's been a few days; I have a FedEx account so it notified me of an upcoming shipment and that a signature is required - so make sure you chase down your tracking and that you can be home for delivery!
PARIS (last week)
Belvedere PM
Classic - 2040 Euro

LONDON (yesterday)
Jouvence Medium
Classic - £710
Colours £850

Jouvence Large
Classic - £830
Colours - £1000

Boeing 25cm
Classic - £690
Colours - £830

Muse Vanity
Classic - £1220
Colours £1460

And I also purchased a Saint Sulphice Card Holder in Black in August 2021 in black @ £275
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