Cruise 2018 Reveal :) Mini mini mini~

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wanna share my latest purchase from today :heart: I finally got her even before the official launch :love: (thanks to my lovely SA:tup:)

    Here she is :yahoo:: The Bento Box PM

    IMG_1284.jpg IMG_1289.jpg
  2. Congrats!!!! I love it.
  3. wow...its beautiful
  4. :love: I love it!! Can I ask how tall you are? and what can you fit inside? .. I so want this bag but don't know which size!! Looks great on you :smile:
  5. Thanks dear :biggrin::hugs:

    Thanks dear :love::smile:
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  6. Thanks dear :love::heart: I'm 167cm and with heels on the pic i'm around d 173cm :smile: The bag actually fits a decent amount of things (I'll try to fit things inside and take a photo for you dear ;))
    Personally, I prefer this size since it'll be easier to carry around for day and night events and I prefer mini bags nowadays :P
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  7. Oh yes please when you have the time :smile: I'm only a shortie 5ft 2 with heels. I don't have a mini bag or a WOC. Thats fancy looking. But I'm thinking this will fit a bit more than a WOC eg: Felicie. I know the strap probably isnt adjustable but i have a thin LV strap that i think will work perfect for it if its too long. The Bento is such a unique design like one of those one off pieces very special. :heart:
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  8. @Missydora Here are the pics of what I can put inside. Hope this can help u :hugs:
    Btw, I forgot to mention that the bag is extremely light :tup::heart:
    IMG_1300.jpg IMG_1302.jpg
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  9. My sis own a felicie and the Bento PM fits a few more things and it has space to put more things by arranging them :smile: Personally, I prefer to own smaller bags especially for unique pieces or limited edition bags as it will be easier to use and keep for a longer period of time. I think you can use other straps from speedy/palm springs/petite malle so it can be adjusted since the long strap that comes together can't be adjusted. Hope this helps :heart:
  10. :hugs:yippee yeeess! !:yahoo: thank you for this!!. I was hoping it can fit as much things as the Pochette OM which it does.. :panic:this means this bag will definately work for me yay!! Thank you so much for doing the pics so quick puts me out of the nerves and suspense :smile:
  11. Very cute. I love lv bags that are different. Congrats!
  12. I have a thin mono strap from the "one handle" this should work on this bag. Yippee so happy. :smile:
  13. So cute! Congrats
  14. Haha no worries dear :tup: Sharing is caring ;) I hope u can get the bag soon so we can be twinnies :hugs:

    I think it will work really well with the bag :tup: I'm so regretting not getting the one handle when it launched before, it's so niceee :heart:
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  15. Thanks dear :hugs::smile:

    Thank u dear :biggrin::hbeat:
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