Croc for Birkin, Kelly, etc

  1. My dad knows i buy lots of bags, usually he says jokingly is it S$200? S$50... I wish!! Anyway back to the point. He says he hope i buy canvas material bags instead of leather. His the kind who doesnt even kill a cockroach. i think cow, lamb ... are a food source so the leather for bags are alright. KWIM?! But crocodile..Is it reared only to be slaughtered for the skin cos nobody eats croc meat or watever right? Enlightened me pls anybody!! "I watch too much crocodile hunter."
  2. Well I do know that alligator meat is eaten in many places. No idea about croc meat.

    LOVE your doggies, by the way! :love:
  3. ^^ thanks.. I love dogs as much as my Bags.. I have ard 10. My bf is jealous. Ha!
  4. I love my doggies way more than my bags! My husband swears I love the dogs more than I love him! :lol: He's only correct occasionally.
  5. croc is eaten as well (as is ostrich) but please let us not turn this thread into another kind of no fur /fur thingy. animals are raised and killed for us that is a fact and for me there is no difference why they are killed as none is better then the other. the only thing that matters to me is how they are raised and killed and that they are not an endangered species.
  6. You can buy croc meat here in Australia. *shudder* It is sort of pale-coloured and a bit jelly-looking, in my opinion. Maybe some more Aussies will chime in.

    Tell your dad that 'down under' we eat crocodiles aaaallll the time!
  7. Shari, I wasn't sure! That's very interesting. I grew up in Florida (where Hermes' alligator skins come from, by the way) and some people eat alligator meat there. I tried it once--it is pale, and tastes sort of like a fishy version of chicken. Not a favorite of mine.
  8. ^^ God that sounds as awful as it looks!
  9. ^^^^ Eeuww.... sounds awful!! i guess lilach is right in some way. No animal is better than the other. But we're still humans we're biased. In China and South Korean they eat Dog meat. How gross is that?.. They keep them(alive) in small cages waiting for the customers to select. Maybe 1 day i'd feel differently abt a cro Birkin, but i'd need to have the money first right. Ha!
  10. Eating dog, or cat, or horse, or crocodile, is just a cultural thing. It might be gross to people from other cultures, but it's still food and to them it's just as normal as Americans' beef steaks or "french fries" or what have you.
    (Though I admit that I'll stick with my steaks, thanks, LOL)
  11. cynthianyc u are a wise lady!!
    Anyway if anybody happens to stumble on this thread and koes approx how much a Hermes enamel bangle cost. Let me koe. Hermes SA terrifies me.. :push: They seems so POSH..
  12. Heh... my husband says the same thing!

    But back to the topic, if one were really worried about the exploitation of animals, one should probably become a vegetarian – after all, we can get protein from other sources outside of animals. I too, am mainly concerned about the condition of the animals while they are alive, how they are slaughtered, and whether or not they are endangered.

    Although... I have this silent "rule" – I personally only eat/use dumb/un-cute animals – e.g. chickens, fish, cows, lambs (ok, they are kind of cute, but only the very young ones). So ostrich, lizard, crocs fit into the dumb and not cute category! :graucho:
  13. ^^^ Lol!!!
  14. Approx S$1000 depending on size and design. I think this alone would get your dad's disapproval, let alone a H bag.
  15. That's what I am concerned with as well. In the last few years, we have actually been buying more and more of our meats from organic local small farms, and not only do I just "feel better" about eating it (former vegetarian here), but I also like supporting small local businesses, and I trust that I am not ingesting or feeding my family a ton of nasty chemicals & steroids & antiobiotics as well. I've even visited one of the farms, and witnessed the compassionate care the animals enjoy during their lives. It makes me feel like it's a natural process and that they live their lives and then fulfill their purpose, just as they would in the wild, except that they have people feeding them in this instance.
    As for wearing animals--hey, that started with the dawn of man. I'm not one to argue with thousands of years of people not freezing to death because of buffalo pelts. :p

    I do have an issue with things like the beluga bags, but of course they're no longer produced.