Crank calls

  1. I've been getting crank calls the past few days. I tried the *57 but the calls seem to originate from a number listed as "Private". I informed the police as they were rather firghtening (threats to rob, kill). I don't have anyone whom I'd label as the type to crank-call me, so any further suggestions? Thanks
  2. Contact your phone company...then go to your police staion and file a report.The phone company will then release to the police the number of who it is
  3. i dont have any advice on how to solve the problem but i do hope it gets solved fast.
  4. Do you have a answering machine that can record these calls? My answering machine will record the conversation if you press record while you are on the phone. Any info. like this that you can give the police and phone company will help. You can always change your number but that could be a hassle.
  5. Thank you. I have no idea why I'm the victim of such a situation unless it's a disgruntled student from last semester or something!
  6. Sheesh! Yes, listen to Jill!! Hopefully it won't continue.
  7. Scary. Definitely get the police involved.
  8. get a shrill whistle, whistle down the phone they won't be so keen to call back
  9. Jill's solution sounds like the way to go. Next time they call you can also just say "Operator, this is the call. Iam informing you that this conversation is being recorded by the phone company and your number is being traced." They usually hang up after that. Oh yeah, press a couple of buttons on your phone before you start too.

    This is what a gal at the phone company told me to do when I was getting strange calls a few years ago. In my situation, she said crank calls usually increase when school's out. But your case seems different especially since they're threatening.

    Good luck and take care.
  10. Boy there is a flashback for me.
    Hope the police can help you out.
  11. gosh. why do they have to be so mean when they crank call you?
    definitely get the police to help you out here!
    why cant they be NICE calls, like is your refrigerator running...
    murder threats are TERRIBLE!
  12. I dropped some business cards a few years ago without realizing, and had a crank caller that would call on my cell phone and I could hear inappropriate things happening in the background. I would say and do nothing, but hang up...after about a week, he got disouraged, I guess, and quit calling.
  13. I had something like this once--someone left a voicemail on my cell saying they knew me from prison (??) and they knew I wasn't answering because I'm in jail. Uhm. Then they started describing really sexually explicit things they wanted to do to me. Very strange.

    The OP's situation sounds a lot scarier, though. I would definitely go to the police, but even before that I would call the phone company and tell them you are getting the threatening calls. I'm sure they have a record of the number, even if you can't see it when you *57. Hopefully whoever you get on the phone will have pity and just tell you before you have to wait for the police to get involved.
  14. You could just screen your calls for a week?
  15. omgoodness that's just scary! i've had people call and ask for people and i'm like.. 'wrong number' and they continuously call for WEEKS after being told repetitively that it's a wrong number. afterwards i gave up and started to play with their minds, and they left me alone.

    i saved their number and when it was calling, i picked up as a food location, ie: "Pizza Hut! Take out or delivery? Ok can you hold?" and hang up. or "Thank you for calling Sears Auto, what can i do?" or in a movie-fone voice, i'd go with the whole, "Thank you for calling Movie-Fone! If you know the name of the movie you'd like to see, press one! and etc etc" for that. They left me alone after those. -_-