Courtenay #2...what would you do?

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  1. Ok. It's in better shape than the first one...but check out these pics and give me your honest opinion. Acceptable or no?


    This divot is right smack in the front

    Definitely a return, because handles weren't wrapped and the price was torn off the tag...check out this circular crease, looks like someone kept this for a while - maybe in a closet with crap piled on top...

    Sigh...I'm so disappointed. Maybe Courtenay and I just aren't meant to be :sad:

    Edited to add - that divot on the front is repeated multiple times all over this bag. It looks pock marked!
  2. I'm very picky so I think those things would bother me. But what is important is if they would bother you.

  3. They're already bothering me :yucky:
  4. Oh gosh...I know your frustration and I want to say that it's not *too bad*...but it's pretty bad IMO. :shucks: If she's supposed to be a new bag, I think that condition is unacceptable. The creases *might* come out eventually with use and/or conditioning, but I think it would bother me too much. :/
  5. I think it's pretty bad...a new bag should not look like that. Go with your gut feeling, because if the condition bothers you, then you might not fully enjoy the bag. I am sorry this happened to you!
  6. I would return it. I was sent Harpers twice from FOS that were in that same condition. The first time I called and told them the bag looked used and they sent me a mailing label. The 2nd time I returned to the outlet. I eventually found one at the outlet.
  7. I wouldn't keep it. I bought a Isabel with messed up leather at the outlet because I really wanted the color. I returned it because I knew the imperfections would always bother me. I found a perfect Issy later at Macy's. It cost a little more but not very much. I bet you could find a used one on ebay in better condition than that one!
  8. What the hell is wrong with them for sending you that bag!!! Smh
  9. I would return it, there is no reason for a company to be sending out beat up merchandise and calling it new.
  10. ^^This^^
    Definitely call and tell them about the condition of the bag and return it.

    Was this from FOS?
  11. I am not picky at all...but I would NOT keep this. Would bother me!
  12. I wouldn't keep it either. If it's from FOS, I'd get them to send a pre-paid return label.
  13. Well, an SA ordered it for me and had it shipped. It came from though - all the emails were from coach and it has an orange receipt holder. Yeah, it's going back. I just can't handle it! Too much wrong...
  14. Even at 50% off, I think this bag is damaged. Indentations, scratches and marks in the leather are imperfections and look like damage to me. The bag is discounted, yes, but is not supposed to be used. It's not cheap enough to accept that poor condition IMO.

  15. That's my thought, too