Considering a HALZAN. Any negatives?

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  1. FYI, most Hermes pink pieces come with PHW so if you are set on pink, be ready to accept PHW too.
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  2. Yeah I thought so and thinking about it the the wouldn’t pop as much as the phw on a bright pink bag. I looked at mini and it looks like a wallet in a chain so small! Which do you have? What color?
  3. I read somewhere in this forum that your H store might punch another hole for you on the strap if you want a longer one for crossbody wear. I think they do it for belts so why not straps?
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  4. I have a Halzan 31 clemence in Etoupe and I love how versatile and under the radar it is. It's one of my most used bags and fits everything I need. For reference, I carry a dogon wallet, coin purse, a pen case, a Bottega cosmetic case and my phone. I also particularly like that there are pockets on the outside. As not a lot of H bags have that feature.

    My only complaint is that you can only put a charm on (such as a rodeo) when it is being hand carried. ;)
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  5. The Halzan is a great bag. I don’t own one but have been so tempted. A friend who has a large collection of Hermes uses hers more than any other bag.
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  6. I was wondering about this too. IDK if the strap is long enough to do this. Anyone?
  7. Good to know. I don't use charms often anyway. I *buy* them, then they sit in the box....

    I am hearing this from many people! Do you think you will eventually get one?
  9. Am considering getting one and also like the jypsiere but I think the big front flap might e awkward to use. Any way the halzan is awesome.:smile:
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  10. OK so now I am TORN either the Halzan in Magnolia OR the Evelyn in Rose Extreme! Does any one have both? Pros/Cons?
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  11. Thank you. SO now I am TORN its either Halzan in Magnolia OR I just found the Evelyn in Rose Extreme!! UGG Recommendations?? Pros/Cons?
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  12. I have both and find myself reaching for the halzan more than the evelyn. The halzan is just more versatile and can be dressy and casual whereas I find the evelyn to be mostly casual. Especially if you are purchasing it in a bright color. The halzan (in size 31) also holds more and you are able to see everything in your bag when you open the flap. When I open my evelyn pm, I find myself rooting around for my things because something (usually the thing I need) will have dropped to the bottom of the bag. I also use bag inserts/organizers in both.
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  13. I appreciate your feedback! Thanks. BUT NOW I am WORRIED! I just heard from 2 different SA in 2 Different cities that next season Hermes is "halting production" on the Halzan(both sizes!) I think I may now sit it out and wait, especially since Chanel is releasing Cruise on Friday
  14. There's always the preloved market for halzans. And as much as I love my Chanel jumbos, they pale in comparison to the quality of Hermes bags. Good luck! :smile:
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  15. Really? Discontinued?! So sorry to hear that. It seems so many Hermes fans love the Halzan. I have seriously been tempted in the last few months to buy one, but I am not so sure I want to make the investment now... So sad.
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