Considering a HALZAN. Any negatives?

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  1. I'm thinking about a Halzan (31) for my next bag. Has anyone found anything annoying or disappointing about them? I am tough on my bags. Can they take it? TIA
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  2. Love mine, am hard pressed to switch out to another bag even though I have quite a few others. Goes from tote to shoulder, to crossbody easily. Clemence is a no brainer in all weather. Biggest con is that it’s not the best for events or evenings, more of a casual chic bag for me. I’d get another in a heartbeat.
  3. Same. On the horray for Halzan thread I responded that last night I had 750ml prossecco bottle + daily effects in there on the way home from the store. Traveling? iPad, keyboard, passport/ wallet, keys and Chanel sling backs all fit neatly when handle carried.

    I live in a very wet area and shielding with umbrellas no issues yet. Take public transport daily and airplanes weekly - no surprise dirt yet.

    Only negative is that mine is gold contrast stitching and hand stitching shows everything- but that's handmade!

    I also agree that when I want something dressier i use a more structured bag.
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    grab this one please :love::drinks:

    good luck with your next bag:hugs:
  5. I’ve tried on a Halzan 31 a few times and have never been able to quite pull the trigger. For me, the strap on its longest setting isn't *quite* long enough for crossbody wear. This is very subjective and others may feel differently, especially now that crossbodies are being worn higher up on the body. I know I’d want to wear the bag primarily as a crossbody, and at 5’6, I always feel like the strap is not quite long enough for the bag to sit right, and the widest part of it is right at the widest point of my hips. Unfortunately, unlike, say, an Evelyne, the bag is not conducive to strap-swapping. The Halzan is not H’s most expensive bag but also not it’s cheapest, and for the price this wasn’t a compromise I was willing to make.
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  6. I absolutely adore my Halzans. I have two, the original 31 and the mini. They are hands-down my most used Hermes bags. They are amazing travel companions as well. I haven’t a single negative thing to say about them. I’m only 5’4”, and I find it the perfect cross-body bag.
  7. Yes, I saw the prosecco note - always a plus! :biggrin: Thanks for the info.
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  8. Thanks for all this! I love how passionate and informed our community is.
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  9. I love the concept of the Halzan but if it’s not undone it holds very little and when it is undone it can’t be worn cross body. I’d rather have an Evelyne 29 (which holds a lot more crossbody) and a smaller dressier bag. I appreciate it costs a lot more but to me it’s more functional.
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  10. I chose the Evelyne 29 over the Halzan 31 this Summer for a) same reason as @catsinthebag b) the handles (when in the hand) felt weird and c) I'd prob. never carry it as a clutch.

    Often when I'm torn between bags it's a case of which one first rather than a real choice between. However, in this case I'm not sure I need both as they'd serve the same purpose.

    I think I made the right decision for me as I haven't stopped using the Evie but everyone's different.
  11. I am also 5'4 and no issues crossbody. So, something personal to take into account.
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  12. Good considerations. Thank you both.
    Not sure I would wear the Halzan as a clutch either. I will have to play with a Halzan to see if it holds what I want, and if I find the handles weird. For me the Evelyn is too much like my Christine, and I also have to say that I can't stand the strap on the Evie. (Beautiful new combo on the "new purchases" thread, though, and Evies do come in awesome colors.)
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  13. I was hesitant on Halzan until I tried it in person in the store. And the rest is history.

    I simply don’t want to switch out of it now! I just love how it can go from casual to dressy in no time.

    As for wearing it crossbody, I am 5’7 and do find that it sits a little high. But because it’s size, it felt more like a messenger bag than crossbody purse, which to me, was okay to sit a little higher.

    Would love to see pictures if you ever get one!
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  14. Thanks for the input.
    Will do!
  15. Trying to decide on Halzan as well. My SA pulled a Magnilia magnolia one for me ! At first I thought the color was too bright pink,cause I wanted a lighter pink. But the more I think about the color I think it’s nice. Only thing it has the old WHITE stitching and phw and I really want gold. What do you girls think?
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