comfy crocs

  1. I'm into Calzuro clogs which are sort of similar. They're made for medical professionals so you can put them in the autoclave to sanitize them and are pretty indestructable. They come in many other colors, and I wish I could get most of them! Mario Batali used to wear these clogs, but he switched to Crocs.
  2. I am not a fan..

    maybe cause I saw someone wearing a lime green shirt, lime green capri's and..MATCHING lime green crocs..
  3. that's a little too much lime, and here's the perfect smiley for it. :sick:

    chinchillamoose- thanks for posting those up, I've never heard of them. ;)
  4. They're kinda cute in a :sick: way.
    Although they could be practical when you're out digging in a garden or somethiing
    Seem sweaty to me (plastic shoes?)...
  5. I have them in silver, and love them! They do take time to "love" (since initial looks don't say all that much about them).
  6. suli-- wow! I was just thinking about getting them in silver.. the color doesn't come off does it?
  7. Do these not make your feet sweat?
  8. Nope...color has stayed put.
  9. I thought the same thing. I've always had "sweaty" feet (ewwww). But these do not make your feet sweat! It's weird but they are my fave shoes now....
  10. Everybody around here wears them-personally I think they are very ugly!
  11. I thought they were the ugliest things when I saw them for the first time! I said to myself that I'd NEVER be caught dead in a pair of crocs! ...I have them in pink and black! I love them. The look is very odd, but kind of grows on you. I like the ones with holes in the top..but the ones like in the picture up there that are black & orange and the person is wearing khaki pants...those are very unappealing to me...
  12. I HATE the clogs...but BOY do I love the flip flops...
  13. I agree with her! I adore those flip flops! They are SOOO comfy!
  14. I love crocs! I wear children shoes, so these works really well - well the ballet flats kind :heart: