Come take a glass and join the waiting lounge...!

  1. Thanks! I know what you mean...I have a CUTE pair of Coach sunglasses that I had on last week and now I cannot find them anywhere! They have to be around the house or in the car, since I remember having them on while driving (can't drive without them!), but I absolutely cannot find them! Hopefully mine and yours will turn up. Esp since OP just raised their prices! :cool:
  2. ^^^ I know- I am so bummed out! I wear them everyday- have to check my husband's car when he gets home! I hope you find your Coach glasses too!
  3. Winona those are great bags! It is your bag day!!!
  4. It's my WEEK!!! Thanks Stars!

    Sorry about your sunglasses Zacorey...this won't make you feel any better...

    Sorry, but I'm REALLY excited and they look GREAT!!

    I got these ones after seeing them on Keira and Jlo, they were EXACTLY what I've ALWAYS looked for!!
    londonkiera2.jpg keira-oxford4.jpg tomford.jpg londonkiera3.jpg keira-oxford3.jpg
  5. ^^ very cool! No- it doesn't make me feel better! LOL- I have Chanel sunglasses but I like the OP better!
  6. I just found out that the bag I purchased from overseas has not even been shipped out yet. :rant: I sent her the $$ on Saturday. Almost a week for her to send it? So ridiculous!!! I'm so PISSED! RAWR!!!!!!! :censor: :mad: :mad:
  7. congrats winona! i have been chatting with you and somehow haven't read this thread. love all your new purchases!

    zacorey -- hope your glasses show up

    mocean -- what bag are you waiting for?
  8. I got an 04 marron city! I'm so anxious!!
  9. mocean, I can relate. Hopefully that seller will get their butt in gear and ship out tomorrow. :noggin:
  10. she had better!!! I cant believe she hasnt sent it out already! For my eBay buyers as soon as they sell, their purchase is in the mail the next morning! After they pay, the item is no longer mine- its theirs and i know they want it ASAP.

    AND I emailed her before bidding asking when she ships after receiving payment for international bidders! GRRR! This is unacceptable. The bag better be BETTER than in pics! otherwise... *ominous music plays*
  11. Has she said why she hasn't shipped it yet? I'm like you I sell it, it gets
    paid for and that baby is shipped the next day. I hope she ships it tomorrow and sends you a tracking number :yes: Let us know what happens....
  12. BTW Winona: Those Tom Ford sunglasses are fabulous! Perfect timing
    for summer....Congrats!
  13. Aw - I know how you must feel - that's awful! But the 04 Marron is soooooo pretty - it'll be worth waiting for. I've never seen one that didn't have perfect leather and sometimes overseas packages make it here quicker than domestic ones. Fingers crossed for you......... Hope it gets there soon!
  14. mocean- I HATE sellers like that! I always ship out within 2 days MAX, but like you...usually the next :p I'm having trouble with an international seller myself...makes me want to swear off international sellers forever- it's been a month...either something went funny with her or I'm going to get majorly hit with customs :sad:

    winona- you are GORGEOUS! You look great with you paddy!